Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where's the Line??

The other day Mike and I were sitting in a restaurant, on our own, enjoying a dinner alone. We don't do this often, and when we get the chance we like to enjoy it, and prefer not to be sitting around kids.
But, this particular evening we were. One family with kids was fine - nice, well behaved, etc. The other was not so nice.
It was a large group of adults (6) and one little boy, about Matty's age.
I don't know what this group was thinking. First of all, it was late, like 8:30 and he was tired. Like, the kid was cranky, but the parents/friends just kept socializing. Okay - I get that. But, then they started doing to most annoying thing - they kept doing some weird surprise thing that made him scream.
It wasn't a cute laugh he was emitting. It was a stupid annoying shrieking scream that made them all laugh and then he would laugh and do it again.
Here's the thing.
My son is not a perfect angel, and sadly when he walks into a restaurant he doesn't suddenly become one. But, we always encourage good behaviour. If he starts having a meltdown/temper tantrum we do something about it - whether it's try to give him crayons, take him away from the table or sing a song.
But we would never, ever encourage him to do something so annoying and stupid that annoys an entire restaurant.
Don't get me wrong. I have a ton of sympathy for parents who are trying. I am not the person who stares other patrons down or gives advice (I have shared toys, but in a friendly way). But for parents like that I have to say something.
I mean, grow up. What are you thinking? Not only is your kid REALLY annoying - you are giving other parents a bad name. And you are making your kid look like a total brat.
In the end my stares did nothing. Mike gave 0ne menacing glare and the mom shut the kid up.


Heather said...

You know, at this stage with Miles I just try and stay away from restraunts. But that doesn't stop the inlaws from dragging us to one every time we see them (kay we live far away so it's not that often). I don't understand it. It means we are the only ones not having a good time because we have to entertain Miles. If we were having a bbq or something then we could all relax and let Miles scoot around wherever he wanted. Again, I just don't understand it. I don't blame the kids for hating being there.

Bahar said...

Hi Laural,

I have been so busy with my figuring out the campaign details that I haven't had a chance to blog or read blogs!

I am in the neighbourhood every day, walking and talking to people. (trying to get a good feel for how I can solve problems)

I was wondering if you liked getting together for 15 min one afternoon (with Matty).

My number is (416) 575-6797

Bahar said...

Sorrym my link again:

Searaygal said...

Hey Laural,

Matty did really well with us last year at the restaurant and I was incredibly impressed. Maybe you should have had Mike take over some lemon to the brat-in-question?
I hate that too though, hence why I was and am more than happy to have Matty in public places and restuarants and I'm sensitive to the whole not staying out late thing too....frankly I'm in bed at like 9:30 most nights now so I want to eat early.
What that group did was awful & I would have been ticked off too.
Amy :)
P.S. It was Jack Astor's wasn't it? LOL

The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...

Not only did they cross the line - they ran past it, lightening speed like an olympic runner doing a victory lap waving at you with a hideous toothy grin.

I would have told the waitress to tell them to can it.
....You are far more polite than me.

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