Saturday, May 12, 2007

The World's Best Mom!

My parents
I wanted to write something special for Mother's Day. Something to pay tribute to my mom. I was trying to figure out what one wonderful thing she did, what she would say - something that encapsulated my mom completely.
I can remember a million things about growing up; all of them made my mom special. I remember the rainy days where we jumped in puddles (now I do that with my son), I remember her telling me the story about how she lost her boot in the snow every time I asked (and now I tell my son that story) and I remember her laughing one time when I spilled an entire container of flour on the floor, and was certain I would be in trouble (now I laugh, not shout, when my son spills things).
But above all, what makes my mom special is just who she is.
When you think about a really good mother, or person in general, you don't necessarily think of their attibutes -
just their being.
I think that's what people would say of my mom. Sometimes she's funny. Sometimes she's deep. Sometimes she's quiet. Sometimes she talks a lot. Sometimes she's stunningly beautiful, sometimes she looks pretty in a very simple, uncomplicated kind of way.
But no matter what, her loving kindness shines through.
My mom is cool. She's the mom who welcomed my friends over. She's the mom who was welcome to come into my bedroom when my friends and I were talking about our days, laughing about things that happened and complaining about our teachers. She would chat with us, listen, laugh at our jokes (that probably weren't as funny to her), and then leave before she wore out her welcome.
She was also strict. There were rules and consequences. But there was the other side too. I knew that if I was ever out somewhere and didn't know what to do I could call and she would pick me up - no questions asked. I also always knew that if I ever doubted if I should be doing something I could invoke the name of my mother and she would back me up.
I've grown up, and some things have changed. But, not that much has changed. She's still the person who joins me for coffee and a chat. If I take a day off of work, I usually end up going to her house for coffee. She's still welcome if I'm hanging out with friends, and she still has a pretty good idea of what's going on in my life.
The other day someone was in my office talking about Mother's Day, and I said "oh yeah, here want to see my mom?" and I pulled up her blog. I thought it was pretty normal. But, the person was like "wow. you are like your mom."
Yes.. I am. And to me that's the biggest compliment you can pay me.
When I look at my mom she inspires me. I look to her for advice and guidance. One day I hope that I can be half the woman she is. She's pretty amazing.
So Happy Mother's Day Mom.
And to all of you other incredible moms out there - the same to you!
Have a good one. We all deserve it. (and I hope if you're reading this on Mother's Day morning you are in bed with breakfast and coffee that's been lovingly prepared for you ... yeah right!)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!!

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kate said...

Wow - what a great Mother's Day gift. Thank you. I hardly know what to say, except that you and your sister have also taught me many things -- as daughters and as mothers.
In particular your hilarious outlook on life with Matty -- I have lost count how many times I have laughed out loud!
Have a wonderful Mother's day, hon.