Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Change is in the Air

Like my new layout?
I decided the other day that I was ready for a change. I've been blogging a little over a year, and I was bored of my layout, so I decided to make it a little more exciting.
Well, really I asked someone to do it for me. Sam was incredible, and knew exactly what I wanted with very little to go on. LOVE it!


And today, well today was great. I feel like spring is officially here. Tonight I came home and gardened. Yep. I know. I'm not a green thumb. But, now that we are homeowners and have a yard we've been trying our hands at gardening.
We started this weekend with the little garden that was already there, but decided to take it to the next level. Together Mike and I cut out a new front garden. Right now it's just dirt, but we went and bought some flowers. I can't wait to plant everything and make our house really pretty.
Matt decided to help us as well. He loved digging in the dirt with his own little shovel. So, as long as he didn't dig up our already planted flowers we were happy. He's also a pro with the watering can.
Once we had dug out the garden we went over to the garden store (in a lovely rented van since our car is in for repairs) and were able to get a ton of stuff. Matt had a wonderful time picking out all of the flowers. It was hilarious. He sat on the special wagons at the garden store and pointed out all the things he liked.
Of course our evening would not have been complete without a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house. (we needed to borrow a rake and have coffee). It was such a pleasure to visit because Matt feels so at home with my parents. And, he and Grandpa built lego towers.
Plus, when it was time to go Matt actually started helping putting toys away - without any prompting. It was amazing.
And, to top off the night, on the way home Matt said to us "tonight was wonderful!!!"

I agree.


infectiouslaughter said...

Cute new design!!

Michael said...

The new design looks sooooo awesome! I guess this means you're a 'pro' blogger now! Love the colours. Can't wait to get those flowers planted in the new bed too!

ali said...

love it! :)

Amy said...

Laural it looks fantastic!!! And its so you!!!
Awesome awesome awesome!!!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Hey, this is gorgeous!!! Where does one shop for cool templates like this??

kate said...

Great look...The shoes are a nice touch... so you!!! We love that Matt loves coming over to play lego and have juice boxes. Such a fun way to end the evening.

SpeakEasy said...

Love the new layout!