Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's Weekend

Wanna know what I did this weekend?
I bet you do.
I did a whole lot of nothing followed by some relaxing and some napping.
It was fantastic!
After some pampering (well, kind of, I got my hair done but that's another story) on Friday morning, Mike and I went away for a weekend in Muskoka.
It was amazing.
We basically planned nothing other than the hotel. We didn't rush to get there, and we had no pre-set plans. The entire weekend was about relaxing and having some time together.
We spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi and some time in the pool. We decided to forego all of the outdoor activities available (snow shoeing and cross country skiing). It just sounded way too exhausting.
On Saturday we got up and went for brunch (yummy) and then we went swimming which meant mostly hanging out in the jacuzzi. And then I had a two hour nap. And then once I got up we went into the town where we decided to skip lunch and instead have lattes and buttertarts. It was divine. It was like dating all over again.
I can't believe we haven't had this much time alone since Matthew was born.
One of my favourite moments was over brunch on Saturday morning. We were sitting sipping coffee when this man walked past. I sware it was Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live. I, of course, found this hilarious. And, then just because I could I started to (quietly) do a couple of the cheerleader cheers from vintage SNL episodes. It was just funny. We hadn't laughed about stupid things like that for awhile.
It was nice.
The snow was also nice. It wasn't freezing or anything. So, it was pretty to look at.
Anyway, totally worth it.
And, bonus, I'm taking a couple of extra days off of work this week. I fully plan to return to my office relaxed and refreshed.

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Lisa said...

mmmm lattes and buttertarts; what could be better! sounds like you had a restful and enjoyable weekend. You should do it more often! It's good to take care of yourself that way and you deserve it. See you when you're back.