Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Field Trip

Today was my first ever field trip as a parent.
I was anxious. In my never ending quest to measure up as a parent I wasn't quite sure how it would go, if I'd fit in or if I'd screw up.
Turns out it was awesome.
Four teachers plus myself took 20 children aged 2.5-6 years old to a nursing home where they sang songs, read stories and did crafts. We were there for about an hour.
The trip itself was not all that eventful. There was a lot of helping kids with their coats, making playdoh snowmen and wiping a few tears.
What made it so awesome was the feeling of being needed and wanted and special. I'm used to my son wanting to hold my hand. I'm used to my nieces wanting to hold my hand. I'm not used to a whole bunch of kids loving me cause I'm the new adult in town. I don't know how to explain it better than the word heart warming.
I know that at work I'm needed. But this was different. I got the feeling that if I wasn't there the kids may have fallen or not been able to get their coats on. And when I offered my hand or gave them a hug or put them in the right direction there was this unwavering trust.
It was cool.
It also broke my heart just a little that I miss this every day. But on that I won't dwell, because as awesome as that hour was - it was an hour. I could not do that all day every day.
What I have realized is that I need to get out there a little more. I will definitely be volunteering for more field trips. And maybe I will volunteer for other stuff. I used to work with seniors, and I may see if there are any volunteer opportunities. I think it would be well worth it.
I had planned to leave Matt at daycare and have an afternoon off. But that did not happen. He wanted to stay with me, so we filled our afternoon with a haircut for Matt (side note - this kids hair place has so many kids who have grown up getting their hair cut there and never left that they had to install a larger chair for the "college kids". hilarious). He sat in a bumper car and watched a movie. Life was good.
And then we bonded and had treats.
It was fun.
Oh - and we bought another monster truck.
Fun all around. And since I've had 5 full days of not watching what I eat tonight I'm getting my butt kicked into gear with a session with a personal trainer followed by belly dancing.

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Haley-O said...

A mommy on a field trip! That's just so...mommy! :)

And, yeah, take it from one exhausted sahm -- it was just one hour...whole days of this get very tiring! Enjoy your me-time...enjoy your bellydancing! And, doing more field-trips sounds like the perfect solution for you. :)