Friday, February 16, 2007

Random Friday

In honour of Random Friday (which I keep forgetting to do, but thanks to Ruthie I'm resurrecting) here are some random things Matt has started saying.
  • "Just two more seconds" - this phrase comes out whenever he wants to do something longer (like watch tv) or to calculate time. The other day at Zellers we saw booster seats for the car. I told Mike he would use one when he is older and he said "yes. In two seconds I will use a booster seat."

  • "Two Millllllllllion" - this is used to denote anything large. Something expensive is two millllllion dollars and someone old is two milllllllllllion years old

  • "How about no?" - I often say stuff like "how about we go to the store?" and he will always say "how about no?" as an option. It's awfully funny.

  • "Yo-ho-ho" - If he is made he screams this. I can't help it. When he screams this at us, Mike and I crack up every time. Where did this come from? The other day he also stuck his hand up his sleeve and said "I'm a pirate." okay.

  • "You're a sexy race car, mommy" - Yes. This is from Cars, I think. Who knows.

  • "Daddio and Mommio" - whenever he wants to butter us up for something he adds "io" to our names. I know - adorable

  • "I'm Lightning BuQueen" - he runs around screaming this all the time. We've tried to tell him it's Lightning McQueen but he will have none of it.
I know there are a ton more, but these are some of my favourites. In the past month or so Matt's language has exploded. I think he's been hanging around the older kids at daycare and is copying their sentences. Too cute.


Michael said...

Don't forget - "I'm a MONSTER Truck! Rargh!"

Amanda said...

Hehe! Cute!!! I love the funny things they say.

The bunny says, "Daddio" thanks to me :) He doesn't like it though.