Thursday, January 04, 2007

Taming a Toddler ...

Lately we have been having bedtime wars with Matthew. Basically, Matthew has decided that 8pm is not a good bedtime. In his books 10 pm is more like it. There are a couple of problems with this.
The first is that the later he stays up the crankier he is in the morning. (obviously) And, as much as I get annoyed with him at night when he refuses to sleep or when he hops out of bed a zillion times, I feel horrible having to get him up in the morning. He's so sleepy. And, I don't think he really understands when we try to tell him that he's tired because he didn't go to bed when we told him to.
The second problem is that I really need some sort of a break in the evening. Last night, for instance, he actually fell asleep later than I did. I can kind of blame the cold/sinus pills for that, but still. But, it's exhausting. Between work, commuting and coming home to a toddler I'm exhausted. And I really enjoy the time I have - even if it's just an hour of tv - before I go to bed and then start the cycle all over again.
Ideas anyone?
Part of me thinks that we're not entertaining him enough when he gets home. It's so easy to turn on Treehouse and let him watch while we chill a bit/make dinner, relax.
Plus, to be fair, I think I do need to play with him more.
So when we got him Mike put on dinner and I went and played toys with him. And then at bathtime we played with his toys and did make believe stuff (I was Kyla, he was Becky ALL NIGHT - funniest line ever "Becky needs a bath now. She's very dirty. Her hair is sticky" funny.)

But, I found myself laughing and having fun, and believe it or not destressing a little bit.
And, wonder of wonders, just before 8pm we tucked him in. And he didn't get up once - at least until 2 am when he climbed into our bed. But, when I got him up this morning he was a totally happy fun child.
I think we need to change our routines.
And, now for Kyla, a picture of your cousin in his new towel from Erin and Gracie.

Does this look like a sleepy child?


Jeff said...

It sounds like you've solved your own problem. Good for you. We don't have so many problems at night, but naps are a bitch.

Anonymous said...

if you need more time for you, or a break as you put it, why isn't Mike helping you with that? He may "put on dinner", but there's no reason he can't take Matthew out for a walk, or he can give him his bath, or read to him, etc. so that you have your down time. Who knows...but that's the first thing that came to my mind.