Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 - Not a Bad Year


2006 ends tonight. I was trying to write down my various New Year's Resolutions. I only came up with one. And it's sort of silly. So I decided to look back on this past year and what we've been up to.
First things first - we moved ... a lot! Since March we've lived in 3 different places: A rental apartment in Oakville, our condo in Toronto and finally our townhouse in Burlington.

(Matt at our apartment)

(This picture was taken the day we moved out of the condo for the 2nd and last time)

In between moving houses, we also had a bunch of other stuff going on. Like it or not, we entered into the wonderful world of toddlerhood with Matthew. I have to admit, I was terrified at the prospect of the terrible twos, but it hasn't been all that bad. We've definitely had our share of temper tantrums, meltdowns, etc., but this has been an amazing year. We went from having a little baby to having a kid who is fun. At 32 months he never stops talking (and singing). We know what he wants, what he likes, etc. And, the spontaneous stuff like hims saying "mommy is beautiful" (so true!) and "I love you" is so worth the temper tantrums.

Matt did a whole lot of growing this year and he had tons of new experiences. I now totally understand why parents spoil their kids. It's just so cool when you see them developing new interests and fun ideas. I'm so guilty of this. Like, when I discovered that Matthew liked rides, I felt compelled to take him both to the CNE and Canada's Wonderland.
For the record, though this was taken at the CNE, we far preferred Canada's Wonderland. It turns out to be way cheaper, it seems much safer, and the stuff for kids is a million times better.
The CNE, though cool, paled in comparison. I really think Matt's favourite thing of the day was the streetcar ride to and from the CNE.
Matthew loved taking the TTC not only to the CNE but also to his daycare at Yonge and Davisville. He was so proud that he could tell everyone we went to Eglinton Station and Davisville Station.
It amazes me what this kid has learned this year. For instance, the other day he was washing his hands and kept saying he wanted some "Agua". Thank goodness this happened at my parents' home where my dad was able to explain that he was asking for water. It's scary when your toddler can speak in a language you don't understand.
Personally, it's been a pretty big year for me too. Just before Mother's Day this year I went to my doctor who told me that I was in a crappy place physically. She was pretty understanding. I'd had a crappy first year with Matt, went back to work, moved twice (at this point) and was just generally stressed. But, when she weighed me and tested my blood pressure we decided that I should probably lose some weight.
And lose weight I have. I've lost a little over 30 pounds (pre-Christmas, that is) and feel better about myself. I have a ways to go - like 20 pounds or so - but that's coming. And, I plan to push harder in the New Year.

You can see the difference a few pounds makes.
And, that's my friend and former neighbour Ginny blowing bubbles.

I also went on an amazing trip for work. In July I went with the Board and Senior Staff to Alberta. It was the longest I'd been away from Matthew. It was a learning experience for me. It was fun and hard and rewarding - everything that you are looking for in a good experience. I missed my boys more than I had expected too. Someone told me that it's a pretty amazing experience coming home and seeing your child after you've been away for awhile. It's true. The minute I saw Matt I burst into tears (as did he).
I have to say - this is one of the most beautiful pictures ever. It was taken at a golf course. You can see the background of the mountains behind us. In case you were wondering, the woman next to me is my boss.
In addition to my excitement of the year, Mike's year was interesting too. He turned the big 3-0 in January. I had a surprise party with some of his friends which was pretty fun. He also switched jobs in December. So, pretty busy.
My nieces also did a whole lot of growing up. Miss Kyla is now a four-year old. We had a blast at her Princess Party in July where I made a special guest appearance as "Aunt Princess Laural". It was pretty adorable, and I still can't believe I led several preschoolers in a little dance routine in the middle of Jack Astors!!!
My other niece Paige - seriously. She was such a baby for so long and then suddenly she blossomed into a child. She no longer is content to watch Matty and Kyla play. She wants to get right in on the action. She is tiny but feisty. Matt often knocks her down in his excitement and she just bounces right up to keep playing.
I have a feeling that as the cousins get older Matt and Paige will be running around and playing tag while Kyla and I play Barbies and do our nails. (we can dream, right?)

Kyla (on the left of Princess Laural) Paige - hamming it up with uncle Mike

And, of course, the recap of our year would not be complete without some pictures of the best place in the world - Vermont!!!

So, from my and my family - I hope you had a wonderful 2006 and I hope you have an even better 2007!
Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing in the excitement of my life.

Happy 2007!!!!


Ginny said...

Definitely a big year for you guys! But all in all I think it sounds like a good one. You've finally figured out your address and from your blog posts, I think it's a good one. Although I do miss you being down the hall a lot! I was thinking tonight as I sit home alone (yes I'm having a pity party since James is working) how nice it would have been to take the girls to your place or have you guys come here.

Matty Matt is definitely getting bigger by the day and so cute too! Lindsey keeps asking when we can go back to Matty Matt's house. Guess our visit yesterday wasn't long enough!

And you look amazing! Now that I don't see you that often, when I do I think how great you look. You have worked hard to loose 30+lbs and it shows. I have tons of respect for you for doing that and it's definitely one of the accomplishments of 2006 that you should be proud of. Any time a mom can fit in something for herself to make herself feel better I think it's great. Mom's spend so much time giving to their families and no time for themselves so for you to make that commitment to yourself and then keep it...well I think it's awesome!

As for your Calgary trip, you know my thoughts (jealousy) on that! That pic is beautiful and makes me wish that I could get back out there this year. It is our 10yr anniversary so hopefully...

I hope you guys have a wonderful 2007 with even more accomplishments to be proud of. I miss you tons!

becky said...

That's the nicest blog ever Laural. I'm glad I decided to pop downstairs and turn on the computer on New Year's eve. I'll have to show Kyla tomorrow - she'll love all the pictures.

Mommy said...

Happy New Year!
Wow, looking back (reading back) you sure have made many major changes in your life this past year--looks like all for the good too :)
Congratulations on your successes and good luck meeting your goals in the upcoming year. You go girl!

Amanda said...

That last comment was from me, not sure why it didn't show up as me...sorry about that...