Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm Sick

For the last month I've been whining about being under the weather. My throat hurts. My nose hurts. I don't feel well.
I'm not a sick person in general, and having this cold stick around for a month has been driving me insane. I've spent a fortune on throat lozenges and nasal products all to no avail. Honestly, it's driving me mad.
But when my sinuses started to hurt I threw in the towel and went to a Walk-In clinic, as did apparently half of Burlington. There was a line-up just to register and then the very ample waiting room chairs were all full. It was daunting, but it turned out that many of the people there came as full families, so it wasn't as bad as I thought.
An hour later (not bad) I saw a doctor.
I felt like a total dork "ummmm ... I have a cold and it won't go away."
He kind of laughed, and then he said "you don't get sick that often do you?"
Anyway, he started doing this weird tapping thing to my face and when tears came to my eyes he quickly diagnosed me with sinusitis. And, then for good measure looked at my throat and exclaimed, honestly exclaimed "you have laryngitis! You are a trooper."
Well, trooper that I am I left with a couple of prescriptions. And, at least the knowledge that I am not crazy. I'm just sick.
Don't worry friends at work. I checked. I'm not contagious. Apparently the contagious stuff would have happened like a month ago. Now it's just lingering.
Oh, and ... I went to Shoppers to get my prescription. And, they gave me a pager, like at restaurants, so I could wander the store and then come back when the pager went off. This, I tell you, was fantastic for entertaining not only me but Matthew. He was pretty excited. And, it was cool.
And, on the Shoppers note I took my blood pressure - 140 over 72. It said it is high. Weird. But maybe it's cause Matt was sitting on my lap while I did this and then started to imitate the machine which was hilarious and I started to laugh.


becky said...

here's one big tip for the walk in on Walkers - don't go right when it opens. I was asking the nurse one morning if it was always this busy, and she said nope, come an hour after it opens and you can walk right in pretty much. Everyone just stampedes at first so they can carry on with their day.
ps - hope you're feeling better!
pps - Kyla's had a pretty exhausting week with numerous tired tantrums and would love a cuddle from her aunt if you have any time this weekend.

Amanda said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Deborah and Sally said...

You are so lucky you didn't have to wait long ! I spend sooo much time at Dr. offices or ER.
I can't believe you had sinusitis AND laryngitis !
Hopefully it won't take long for you to get better :)

Linda said...

Hi, Hope you feel better soon. Saw your link on the email you sent. Here is my personal blog with pictures of James (3).
The Church Blogger Lady