Sunday, November 12, 2006

Picture Day and Santa Songs

Today was picture day for Matthew.
I became a little paranoid that I'd miss Chrustmas pictures all together. I didn't book at my usual picture location (Superstore) and so Walmart it was today.
I was a little concerned because this morning started off well. Matt got up nice and early so I took him for an early morning grocery shopping trip at Food Basics. He was amazingly well behaved. And then we got home, watched tv, and then got him ready for the picture. He was dressed and groomed and looking adorable.
And then he had a complete meltdown.
We had no idea why. It was weird. It was like he was tired or something, but it was not normal meltdown time. But, with the clock ticking we decided to pop him in the car and go anyway. The rational was that we'd probably have to wait awhile when we got to Walmart, but we needed to keep our space in line.
10 minutes later we were in the car - and Matt was still hysterical. We tried Raffi, we tried 6 stations. Nothing worked. So out came the children's Christmas mix.
It turns out that Santa music - in particular a very hyped up version of Jingle Bells - is what does it. Thirty seconds into the song Matt was rocking out, I was singing at the top of my lungs and Mike was shielding his face from the people staring at us from the other cars. (His comment of "I'm embarrassed for you" was a little unnecessary since Matt and I were having a blast and he wsa being a party pooper.)
And, so we got to Walmart with a happy child.
Half an hour after our allotted time the photos started.
Being the cool parents that we are we let Matt choose the background. He was delighted by the background of Santa peering through a window. Cheesy, yes. But, it's Walmart photos, and quite honestly I thought it was pretty funny.
And, honestly, once they started shooting, Matt was hilarious. He was smiling, he was posing, he was laughing with the photographer. Mike turned to me at one point and said "why isn't he modelling?" I dont' know. Even the photographer agreed with us.
In the end we came out with AMAZING pictures. The one we settled on for the card is decidedly un-Christmassy, but it was so cute and funny we just went for it. Plus, we have our extremely Christmassy photo with Santa in it for the "package" we ordered so who cares.
There were a couple of downfalls to going to Walmart vs. a regular photo studio.
First of all, the people there are crazy. The lady who was getting her kids pictures done 2 spots ahead of us was freaking out at her kids (aged 8,5 & 2). At one point Matt and the other kids in the room were scared, and I had to promise Matt I would not scream at him like that. Honestly.
Then the people behind us in line were crazy.
The girl was playing with Matt and her mom kept screaming "don't let the little boy see your underwears."
First - there is no S on underwear.
Second - he's 2. And they were playing. GET OVER IT!!!
So that was a little weird.
The whole way home we listened to Jingle Bells again and again and again.
Man, I LOVE Christmas.
Also, on a totally separate topic. Matthew is into choosing different fruits and veggies to try. Does anyone know what to do with avocados or mangoes. Together or separately? I'm lost for ideas.


Ruthie said...

He might like guacamole... my son loves guacamole. And it's mostly made of avocados....

Mangoes are best by themselves, cut in little pieces. But make sure you peel them, the outer skin isn't edible.

Anonymous said...

Try making magic mango smoothies. My little guy loves them! And yes, Mike was being a party pooper. I would have been singing too, anything to get Matty to cheer up.


Haley-O said...

Mmmm....Mangoes! I just give them to the monkey in little bitable chunks. She gobbles it right up. Same with mangoes -- edible chunks. You can also spread avocado on toast and put some cheese on it.... I myself LOVE that.... :)