Thursday, November 16, 2006


Matthew has a new daycare teacher.
Here's the thing - it's a he!
I know I shouldn't notice these things, and that it shouldn't matter. But for some strange reason I find it incredibly fascinating that Matthew has a male daycare teacher. Male daycare teachers are few and far between.
Truthfully, I really like the guy. No.... not like that. I'm married! Geez. But, I think he's really cool and funny. I was asking him today about his role at the daycare.
Is he now in the preschool room full time? Yes.
How does he enjoy it? It turns out that he's worked with fives for 5 years. In a sense it's a step down, but one he was excited about.
Okay then.
Who knew that going down an age group was a step down? Not me.
So he said they hired him to bring some consistency to the preschool room. I thought that was pretty interesting. Also interesting is how the kids all relate to him. Matt just does whatever the guy says. All the kids do.
I sware one of the little girls has a little crush. She was like "this is Josh" as she followed him around the classroom. It was pretty adorable.
Honestly, I kind of wondered how on earth he handles it. So I asked him how he deals with toddlers and women all day every day. His response? He has a glass of red wine when he gets home.
It almost makes me wish we were staying there longer. Just to see how this guy works out. But who knows. He may be gone before we are.

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Ginny said...

Our new daycare director is male and we have had 2 male ECE students come in on placements. James also did a story on this for his school. It would seem that many guys who go to school for ECE do not stay in ECE and end up teaching. I think the statistic was 10 males out of 300 students are in ECE and only 2 of those graduate. Most daycares don't make an issue of it and the director's are very supportive of it. Let's face it, guy teachers can bring a different dynamic to the classroom/daycare. I think it's neat. A male teacher can often be a good role model and male figure for kids from broken families. If men can be fathers why can't they be daycare providers?