Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - My favourite Matty Words

  1. I’m two – especially funny when he uses this as an excuse for bad behaviour
  2. Michael – in place of the word Daddy. He loves to do this when he is trying to prove a point. As in “No – Michael – No stroller”
  3. Momo – this is what he has nicknamed our cat. Her real name is Mojo, which he can say, but much prefers his version
  4. Skinamarinkidinkidink I WUV you- This one is adorable – he doesn’t quite get the concept of just a simple ‘I love you’ but loves the long version.
  5. Matthew do it – though not so cute when Mommy is in a rush to get to work on time and he is referring to putting on socks
  6. Go Home Depot – apparently his favourite store. I don’t know why. I think it’s Mike’s influence.
  7. Pretty Paige – another nickname – this one for my niece Paige. When she was born he saw her once and then started calling her Pretty Paige. I know – how cute. She is pretty.
  8. Won-wa-wand – I think Wonderland is a tough word for toddlers. When we were en route to Wonderland it was hilarious to hear him and his older cousin Kyla discussing the correct pronunciation of the word. Kyla, who is almost 4 said “No Matty – no WaWaLand – Wonwawand” so then Matt would rehearse it until he had it up to her standard. I wish I had a video camera for that.
  9. Camoose – Thomas has a camoose” – this means caboose. A booster seat is a mooster seat, you get the picture.
  10. Fix the Wheel – Matt is obsessed with cars, trucks, buses, etc. and he has a Richard Scarry Book where there is a page with someone fixing a wheel. He now insists on fixing every wheel he sees.
  11. Parking garage
  12. Elevator (elligator) and Escalator (Eccalator)
  13. See you later, alligator - Matt’s personal favourite

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