Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Many???

Today I got a phone call from my daycare.
I always have a moment of stress when I see the number flash up. Thankfully it was no big deal. Matt's teacher was calling to let me know that they need more diapers.
How many diapers does a child go through in a day?
By our count Matt goes through an average of 6 diapers per day at daycare. I know - a lot. He also sits on the potty there. This is on average about a bag of diapers per week.
At home he has at least one diaper in the morning and one diaper in the evening and then one diaper overnight (assuming that he does not need a change or decide to take his diaper off to show us his new diaper removal skill).
So, that is about 10 diapers per day for one two year old boy.
And then we get into the clothing changes. At daycare he rarely comes home in the same outfit he went in. I don't know why. His teachers like him to be clean - and so they usually change his outfit at least once a day if not more.
Mind Boggling.


Heather said...

The amount of diapers babies use is insane. It's a shame really. We should probably be using cloth diapers....perhaps it's not too late. Looking into that right now.

Ginny said...

It's those scheduled diaper changes, they get ya every time! At our daycare they have 4 scheudle changes and they change everytime there is a BM!! So yeah, 5 or 6 is pretty normal!

Searaygal said...

Wow! I always wondered (being a non-mom and all) and now I know. Eeek!

Naomi said...

Wow, that's crazy!! Obviously they don't change when needed, but on a schedule, no?

We use cloth diapers during the day, and a dipsosable overnight, or when we're going to be out a long time and he hasn't pooed when we expect him to. So a package of diapers does last a while.

And I'm not averse to leaving my son in a dirty long as it isn't TOO dirty. Does that make me a bad mummy, or just one who wants to avoid too much laundry?!