Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Am a C, a D or a G - we will never know

Will a bra revolutionize my life?
Hmmmm ...
This question has come up over and over again. Of course I heard the story on Oprah. A friend of mine went right out and got a bra fitting and got a couple of nice new bras.
And then one night when I was out with some of my colleagues the conversation about bra fittings came up. It turns out that there is a wonderful store on the Danforth that fits you properly. I was told I must go to Sophia's for the perfect bra - pronto.
I did set a date with someone to go, but realized (thanks to my thrifty husband) that it would be a little bit ridiculous to spend close to $100 on an undergarment when I am trying to lose weight. So I held off.
And then said shafted colleague sent me the following link today:
And the question that came to my mind was - will a bra really make a difference in my life.
I doubt that it would take 20 years off my age. I am not even sure if it would make me look that much slimmer. But, I really am quite intrigued. Can a well fitting bra make life easier?
I asked my friend (who will remain unnamed) whether her expensive bras changed her life. Her response wasn't quite up to Oprah's enthusiastic response, but she really was quite positive. It turns out that her clothes fit better, she looks better and she knows what size to buy.
Others have told me that they have more self confidence and even have less pain.
And, yet I resist.
I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps I feel I am perky enough. Perhaps I feel like my clothes are fitting me just fine. But, I think that realistically, I just don't want to know my size.
I have heard of people going into the bra store thinking they are a 34c and leaving a 32G!!!! That is a lot of baggage.
What comes after G? What is considered too large? What is the ideal band size? Apparently it doesn't matter, but let's be honest. I think I would have a complete meltdown in the middle of Sophia's if I was told I was a G (or worse). And, for that matter, what is worse? What letters to bras go to? Why can you buy a DD if there are E's and F's and G's? I don't get it.
And I am afraid. Very afraid.
But, if I were to spend the big bucks on a bra I think this is what I would go for:

PS I will be going back to mommy blogging, but this week there have been many non-mommy things going around in my head.


Ginny said...

You know you are probably a little freaked because you can't buy anything bigger than a DD in any 'normal' store and by normal I'm talking La Senza or Silk and Satin. You know, similar to Jacob and that if you are not an A (size 0 at Jacob) don't bother wasting your time. Seriously, that is not normal!!!!
Let me quote here for a moment:

And, let's be honest. My self esteem is not that horrible. I mean I'm not about to send in my picture to Tyra at America's Next Top Model, but I also have a bit of a feeling that you have to take me as I am and that like it or not I am and probably always will be a little bit chubby.

Taken right out of your bathing suit blog from Sunday. Embrace the breasts and come to terms with whatever number and letter they throw your way! It only means a better fitting bra and nothing else!
A bra is a good investment, you wear this every day and need to support the ladies properly. Forget what Mike says (sorry Mike, not to be mean but you really have no clue about this stuff!), what does he know about bras and support and dealing with annoying bras that don't fit everyday? Always adjusting this or that or dying to take it off EVERY DAY. Imagine never pulling up a strap, never having really bad back fat and never feeling like the underwire is cutting into you. Imagine not even thinking about your bra after you put it on! Almost feels like freedom baby!!! LOL
And squeeze it in before you're really not allowed!! ;)

ninepounddictator said...

I agree. I do think a good bra is a necessity. And it really can change the way you look.

And, yes, sophia's is wonderful...

And, the mystere (The Oprah Bra) I absolutely adore. Really, makes me look huge! I love that!

But when I was buying them the last round, the woman who worked at Neiman Marcus where I was buying them, told me a lot of women don't like them because there is so much material...But I still love them.

And also, a good bra, if you wash properly, can last a long time. So even if it's $100, it could last two years, so really that's only, um, well not much a day...(Did i give you the convincing you need?)

But if you're look for cheaper, Jacob and The Gap have done copies of the Mystere....I think..

The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...

My experience with losing weight - is that if you do lose a lot, in the very least the bust measurement will shrink, and sometimes the cup size.
And I wouldn't want to flux through 6 different bra sizes each costing 100 bucks plus whatever fancy pants fitting you have to do.

So - I would wait it out for a bit..unless you feel like you are about to plateau, however you complain too much for that to happen anytime soon.(in a good motivated way) Maybe make it a mid point treat or something?!