Monday, May 22, 2006

A Really Nice Day!

Some days it's really nice to have a do-nothing day.
Mike and I decided that since today is a holiday we were going to do absolutely nothing as far as leaving the house. We were just going to hang out, relax and enjoy each other's company.
I think that when Matt woke up he realized it would be that kind of a day today too. He just sort of got up, and decided to snuggle with us - a little different from his typical hyperactivity!
So far today we've spent the day watching Dora, eating banana bread and cleaning the house. I even (and I know this was a shock) ironed my clothes.
I'm beginning to realize that times like this are just as important as going out and doing stuff, seeing people and having play dates. As great as it is for life to be full, it's also important to just sit back and relax and not feel the pressure of being around people. It's sooooo nice to make several pots of coffee and not look at the clock once while drinking it. It's nice that we can all have an afternoon nap, eat popcorn in the afternoon and of course, my favourite order pizza for dinner.
I love days like today!!!

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Ginny said...

Some days the nicest days are when you don't plan anything. Unfortunately for us 2 little ones make staying in an 800sq ft condo for a whole day a little less then fun. We've been known to do it, just don't do it often!