Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pictures ...

I often talk about my niece Kyla. She's the adorable little girl who loves ballet, Barbies and does not own Dora clothing!!! (I'm kidding about that last one).
I can't believe that she will be turning 4 in July. I can remember holding her when she was about an hour old. Really, more like 15 minutes.
Though you can't see it in this picture, she has an ever growing shoe collection thanks to her doting aunt (her little sister, Paige also has a growing shoe collection.) I have to definitely say girls' shoes are far cuter than boys shoes, and Kyla is also a lot more willing to wear the various shoes I buy her. The latest acquistions include a pair of pink Geox boxing boots (adorable and also good for growing feet) and a little pair of pink ballet flats that I bought her yesterday, but they are still at my house. I think I may give them to her at her ballet recital because it fits with the theme.

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