Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It could be worse ...

So today I decided to wear a new skirt to work. I love this skirt! I haven't shopped along Bloor Street since before I was pregnant (shocking, I know) and the Friday before Mother's Day I ended up there after a lovely lunch. (I took the day off).
And, I found this pretty pink skirt.
It was pretty springy and I bought it.
Since the weather today was so beautiful and spring like, out came the pink skirt. I've been trying to lose weight, and despite an early morning zipper mishap I looked pretty good.
As the morning wore on I was thinking that my diet was really working quite well because my skirt seemed looser than the morning.
Turned out that no, my little zipper mishap was not so little and I was literally walking around with an unzipped skirt.
So, lucky for me I work in a company of 400 employees, and there were safety pins and binder clips to be found. Another lucky thing is that I have lost some weight since buying the skirt (8.5 pounds, but who's counting?) so it was loose enough to pin together without it being too too noticeable. And, the third lucky thing is that I have been covering for our CEO's assistant the past few days and she is back so there were no embarrassing run-ins there.
Anyway, pinned and clipped together I headed over to the GAP for a new skirt.
Of course I found a skirt at the Gap. I love that store. It does not let me down and the people are always nice to me. And honest. Like if I look really hideous the gay changeroom guy tells me.
So, I tried on said skirt in the size I always pick up. Always. I don't even bother trying to pull from the other sizes. I go in and put on the size and it fits. Today should have been no different.
I walked out in the changeroom in the skirt of usual size not for an opinion so much as for a pair of scissors to cut the tags off.
The guy looked at me and said "Oh - you need a smaller size - that is too large."
I refrained from hugging him, kissing him, and announcing my total weight loss to date (early stages still, but whatever).
Instead I humbly told him to go get me the size 2 (okay, I'm kidding) and waited for him to return.
God bless the Gap.
And, thinking ahead I also popped by the pharmacy to get the Tide to Go stain stick. I'm not banking on it being a completely lucky day. I did, afterall, walk around all day with a hole in my skirt!!!


Searaygal said...

See, I told you its all about the Tide To Go Pen! :)

And I totally agree on the GAP. I'm a big fan of them too.

Ginny said...

You might be interested to know that I spent a whole day not too long ago walking around with a hole in the butt of my nice new Jacob pants. Thankfully it wasn't huge and I really don't think anyone noticed(it was pretty low) because I'm pretty sure I work with the type of people who would tell me but it was embarassing enough when I discovered it.
Basically, we all have our moments and yes, could have been worse!

ninepounddictator said...

I like the Gap too. You know, I love it when salespeople are honest. It never happens enough and I always come home and retry on things and think, "Why did that person lie to me?????" Oh, and if you like the Tide to go stick, you have to try to Mr. Clean thin you rub off dirty hands from walls. Amazing thing...
Happy Birthday!! Looks like a good cake. Got any left for me?