Friday, April 04, 2008

As If ...

Seriously ...
Last night was a pretty good night. We swaddled. We used the bassinet. Chloe slept.
Matthew went to bed feeling a bit feverish - nothing Motrin couldn't fix.
When Matt, Chloe and I got up I sent Mike back to bed since he was looking pretty tired. And, so there we sat - Mommy and her 2 babies - feeling pretty good. We had calm, we were all watching Buzz Lightyear. When it was over I asked Matthew if he wanted to hold Chloe.
It was a total Kodak moment until I reached over and gave Matt a hug and realized that he was covered with a rash. And holding the baby. Crap.
After panicking and waking Mike up I realized that we probably didn't need to go to the hospital. (in all fairness, this child hasn't had a rash in more than 2 years). Instead I called our amazing new doctor's office and spoke with the nurse who completely calmed me down. She explained that it's likely that the rash is from the fever and that he's not suffering from anything serious. And, she has even squeezed us in for an appointment after Chloe's well-baby visit.
So, today isn't going exactly as planned.
Oh the joys of parenting!

UPDATE: Matthew is fine. The rash was from the fever, and he's feeling much better. Though we're really glad his birthday party is next weekend - not tomorrow. By the end of the visit he had us all laughing over some of his comments. He was such a cutie.


Amy said...

Oh geez! Take care! If you need a hand or anything I'm open during the day tomorrow, even if you and Mike need a nap and need someone to keep an eye on Matty and Chloe. Its no problem! Just let me know. I'll probably drop something off tomorrow to you anyway so its not an extra trip at all or anything.

Tell Matty I hope he is feeling better!!! Give him a hug for me!

Don Mills Diva said...

Glad Matty is ok and Chloe is sleeping! Yay for sleeping!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Sounds like a beautiful moment. Hope Matt is better soon!
Take care,

Infectiouslaughter said...

Glad to hear everyone is adjusting easily and that you're all starting to feel better.

Ginny said...

It would have freaked me out too!! I'm sure everyone will be fine for next weekend's party. And in order to make that a true statement, you rest up too OK?

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Man oh man! I'm glad that everything is going better now. Poor guy! Poor you!