Thursday, December 20, 2007

One More Day of Work

I'm counting down the minutes, I must admit.
I'm so ready for Christmas. I'm ready to stay up late (okay, in my world these days that's 10) and sleep in till at least 7! I'm ready to go to a Christmas party on Saturday night. I'm ready to wrap presents and start baking and cooking.
I'm ready for Christmas cheer.
I have been trying hard to tie some stuff up at work for my week off. I know it's not a long time off, but I hate leaving stuff for other's to sort out.
Luckily everything seems to be working out so far which means that come Friday afternoon I'm turning my blackberry off (or at least only checking it every few hours) and taking a holiday!
Today Matt's letter from Santa arrived. It was so cute and Matt was thrilled that Santa wrote him a letter. It was pretty sweet with a personalized note and everything.

Of course with the upcoming season I've been thinking about the past and toward the future. It's my first Christmas without my Grandma. Last year she wasn't doing that great, and we were sad for her. So, even though this year I'll be missing her, I know that she and Grandpa are with us in spirit. I keep thinking about how this year my cousin's baby is almost one. Last year she was just days away from giving birth. Now this year I'm the one who's pregnant, though thankfully (hopefully?) more than a few days away from giving birth!

But, I'm also looking forward. I can't believe that next year's Christmas pictures will include another member of the family. It seems a little crazy to me right now. The last few Christmases have centered around Matthew and making it magical for him. I'm so excited to share this with another baby.

The Christmas fun starts tonight. My good friend (and who am I kidding, someone Matt LOVES) is coming over. It's our first chance to let someone sample our Christmas goodies and matt's sooooo excited to give her the gift that he helped to make. It's all very exciting.

Five days to go!


Haley-O said...

So exciting! All of it! Matt's going to love sharing the holidays with new baby. :) Feel well! xoxo

SciFi Dad said...

We got our Santa letter earlier in the week. Did they send back Matthew's letter with Santa's? They sent the munchkin back hers with a note on it that said, "Mom and Dad - for your scrapbook... from an elf", which was either really cool that they're doing it (instead of recycling all the letters) or really creepy that someone at Canada Post knows MTM that well.

Amy said...

And the Christmas goodies were delectable!!!
And I LOVE seeing him too! I hope Mater survived and is getting along well with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee :)
We will definately have to get together again 'after Santa', I did promise Matty :)
Love the gift, just gorgeous, and not worry, the jelly beans will go down very well :)
So glad you liked your present too! Eeeeee!!!! I can hardly wait!!!

Karen MEG said...

I can just feel the excitement from your post! I love Christmas spirit! Have a great one with your family and feed that baby well with Christmas treats :)

MamaLee said...

You sound so excited! I hope you get the rest you need to get thru these last few days before Santa arrives!