Monday, December 17, 2007

It's all fun and games ...

Till the snow buries your child's beloved snowman.
Sadly, last night when we were tucking Matt into bed he started sobbing. He had named his beloved snowman "Mr. Matthew Snowman" and after all the snow we got yesterday poor old Mr. Matthew Snowman was completely buried.
As were the little lightbulb lights we stick in the snow and our reindeer.
In fact, Matthew was so upset that we needed to take action.
Mike went out in the snow and had to dig out Mr. Matthew Snowman and our reindeer.
It was bad enough when raccoons ate the poor snowman's mouth and nose.
This was inexcusable.
So far today there has been very little snow, so we're assuming we will come home to an intact snowman.
I keep reminding myself that at least it will be a white Christmas.


Badness Jones said...

Heh! The day of our first snow I posted that it was lovely, but I predicted that I would be fed up with it by February....well, it's December 17, we've got 2 feet of it and I'm fed up with it now! The snow can stay until Christmas....but on Boxing Day, I want it out of here!

Don Mills Diva said...

Mr. Matthew Snowman! That is adorable.

Amy said...

Oh Laural, I can't stop giggling! Poor Matty! And poor Mike! I hope ho got a hot chocolate for his shovelling and digging :)

We'll have to meet up this week so I can give Matty his present :)

Let me know!