Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Spirit

It's quiet this morning.
Matthew spent the night at my sister's since Mike and I went to his work Christmas party last night. It was a wonderful evening. We spent most of the evening with his good friend from work who is a friend from university, and his wife. It was really nice to chat with someone who has a similar parenting philosophy as me (especially since her profession is working with children) and enjoying an evening away from kids.
Somehow we got onto the topic of working full-time, having kids, and keeping the house clean.
She said to me "I figure my kids will just grow up to be really agile since they are so adept at stepping around their toys."
It's comments like that that make me think that yes, this is someone who is welcome in my home anytime.
But really, it was nice to get dressed up and enjoy a lovely dinner. Okay, so granted I didn't make it through the dinner because it was so rich and filling, but Mike was more than happy to finish what I couldn't.
And this morning I slept in! I didn't get up till 7am! Considering I've been wide awake at 4 am everyday for the last few months, 7 am was quite the extravagance. And, I've been spoiled watching all my Sunday morning news programs and haven't watched ONE MINUTE of Treehouse.
And what have I done while watching tv? I've been wrapping gifts.
I've gone to great lengths to make sure that Matt doesn't find his gifts, but I realized I also had to hide special wrapping paper and find a time to wrap presents while he wasn't around - not an easy task since he never naps and we tend to go to bed at the same time these days.
Luckily I had some time this morning so I am done.
We still have to go battery shopping though. Last year we forgot to pick up batteries and so on Christmas morning a couple of didn't work. This year I remembered, so as I wrapped I made a note of what batteries everything takes. I even remembered the batteries for the toy I bought my niece. SMART!
And with all of this stuff out of the way we're spending the next couple of days enjoying the season.
This morning we're meeting my sister and parents at a bakery and then we're going to get our house in good shape.
Tomorrow, for Christmas Eve morning, I'm taking Matt on a GO train ride to Toronto, and we're going to go and check out the windows downtown Toronto. I have to admit that even though I work in Toronto, downtown no less, I never take the time to go and see all of the Christmas windows and the beautiful trees at Nathan Philips Square. So, the plan is to take a couple of hours to just enjoy some Christmas.
Truthfully I'd rather drive in, but Matthew loves taking the train, and I know it will be a fun ride.
In the early evening we are going to take Matthew to a kids' church service. As wonderful as it is to talk about Santa, it's important to me that Matt also understands the true meaning of Christmas and understand what the spirit of Christmas is truly about.
Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be blogging before Christmas.
So to all my friends ...

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and that Santa is kind to you all!


Badness Jones said...

I love your friend's comment! I remember when the Princess was a newborn I called a friend one day in tears - I was tired, and panicked about making a mistake. She said to me "Of course you're going to make a mistake! You're going to make lots of them, and at some point she might hate you, but then she'll grow up and realize how much you've done for her, and how much you love her, and how much she loves you too." Best parenting advice ever.

Merry Christmas - enjoy the windows and lights!

Ginny said...

Merry Christmas Laural! The Bay has some really nice windows this year (finally!) so enjoy! Hope to see you guys over the holidays!

Karen MEG said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Laural, I'm sure Matthew will love all the Christmas decorations downtown. I'm hoping to bring the kids there too over the holidays.

LoriD said...

Merry Christmas, Laural. Your friend sounds very wise and grounded - she would be welcome in my home too!

shay said...

I stumbled across you from the Cheaty Monkey. Your comment made me think we may think the same and know I know lol.
"Agile because they step around their toys" is perfect. My kids are going to be amazing!

Bless you this holiday season!
Merry Christmas.

Haley-O said...

Oooo, 7am sleep in! Nice! ;) Merry Christmas!!! xoxo