Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who Needs the Playground when there's Mr. Lube?

I'm so not kidding either!
I decided to take Matthew out on Saturday morning since we had a few errands to run. Since the oil light in our van was flashing, and since I vowed to change the oil regularly, we stopped by Mr. Lube.
There was no lineup, so in we went.
On the list of fun activities this has never been up there for me. I find car care boring, and I never know whether the need to replace stuff (like today's PCV valve) is necessary or if they are just trying to get me to spend money.
Regardless, a fun outing was had.
I let Matt get out of his car seat and come up to the front of the van. He was thoroughly entertained by the people fixing our car. He asked about 1 million questions and they answered every single one. It was fascinating. He asked questions that I would never think to, but that were somehow less annoying because they came from a 3 year old.
They brought him balloons and candy.
For him it was right up there with a trip to McDonald's. It was slightly more expensive. But, on the plus side much healthier (except for the lollipops).
He was so cute throughout the entire visit. He rolled down the windows and kept shouting out "do you hear me?" and they would all say yes.
It was hilarious.
On the downside I realized I know nothing about my van.
For instance, we have this setting for our headlights where they go on an off automatically. They asked me to test the lights and I didn't know how.
Then there was the opening the hood issue. I hadn't needed to do that yet. So, when they asked me to open it I set the emergency brake instead. And then didn't know how to turn it off. Nice.
I also had no idea how to rev the van to 2000 (rpm?) nor did I know what to do when the guy pulled the oil stick out of the car to show me it was clean.
In my defense, I've always brought my car to Canadian Tire or the Dealership, so they do all of that while you sit in a waiting room. So, it's not like I ever had to look at an oil stick.
At least they explained it all to Matt as well, so in 13 years he can take care of all the oil changes. Afterall, he really did seem to have a good time!
Maybe I'll have his next birthday party at the oil change place. Afterall, it was fun, short and they have balloons and candy. Genius!


AndreAnna said...

Hey, I want lollipops and balloons when I have to get my oil changed.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I used to go to Mr. Lube.
I found it to be more intimidating than taking it somewhere like Midas or the dealership! What a fun experience though--has he been through a car wash yet?