Friday, November 16, 2007

Pink or Blue??? I know!

I do. I know what I'm having.
After the world's most bizarre ultrasound experience on Wednesday, I left feeling dejected. I was so hoping to find out and they were idiots.
But, then I called my OB's office yesterday.
I called fairly early in the morning. The receptionist there is incredible. When I explained to her that I was dying to know the gender, she said she would see what she could do, and told me to call back at about 2pm.
Of course I did.
It turns out that on her lunch hour she walked over to the ultrasound clinic to pick up the results. How amazing is that? So when we spoke again she was able to tell me the gender.
Mike really wanted to know, but I told him we had to wait another day.
And then I called my sister. She decorated our house in a colour appropriate theme. And, to keep Mike out of the house, I convinced my mom to call him and have him come over to her house to help her with a bizarre computer problem. (which didn't exist).
Meanwhile I went to Baby Gap and picked up a colour appropriate hat and socks.
It was a busy afternoon!
When we got home I made him go buy bread for dinner, and locked him out of the house, just to buy time, while I taught Matt to say "Surprise we're having a baby _______"
It was so cute.
Mike got home, and when he did Matthew shouted out his line. It was a little confusing, but he ended up saying "Happy Birthday! Surprise! We're having a Baby ________" and then handed him the stuff from Baby Gap.
And I cracked open the sparkling apple juice.
It was an evening of celebrating.
My sister and I have already planned out all the bedroom details. I'm warming up my credit card. I'm excited.

I'm not saying te gender today. Feel free to e-mail me if you're curious. We haven't exactly told ALL of our relatives yet, and we want to share the news with some people who read this blog a little more personally first. But, it's not like I can wait 4 more months before blogging about it.

Truthfully, my whole mindset changed after I found out the gender. Honestly, as much as I say I'm happy with either, in the back of my mind I knew what I wanted. But, either way, for me, knowing what I'm having is freeing. It hit me yesterday that this is another baby. I'm excited. And, it's no longer just about the obsessive planning. It's about having another little baby. And, despite some of my anxieties I'm getting excited.

When I tucked Matt in last night I told him that he's going to be hearing more and more about the baby in the next few months. But, I told him that I want him to know how much I love him. And, he told me that he knows, but he knows I'll love the baby "so much too". It was adorable!


LoriD said...

That's awesome, Laural! That's such a fun thing you did for Mike.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

What a heartwarming and fun post!

Anonymous said...

I see you're "tickled pink" that a hint??

Amy said...

Laural I'm still so ecstatic!!!!!!
I think Pat thinks I'm a nut cause I was practically jumping up and down when I got your text!!!

Let the shopping begin! Thank your doctor for me!!!

Aunty Amy To Be :)

AndreAnna said...

You're entirely more creative then I am. I would have sent an email. LOL.

Anonymous said...


It does feel awesome to know the gender. All of a sudden, the baby is real, has a name, and your mind goes nuts!

Congrats again, mama!

SciFi Dad said...

MTM told me the news...

I must say I am impressed with the lengths you went to with the announcement, however.


Leigh said...

I'm guessing if it was a boy, you would have retrieved Matt's newborn things, not gone out to the Gap for something in a different colour?

MandyPoo said...

I'm guessing that it is a girl...can't wait to find out, though!

Susie said...

Great story!

Ruthie said...

Awww... he'll be a great big brother!

PS: I want to know!

janet said...

I would feel the exact same way!! Congrats on getting just what you want :)