Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snow and Colds = Bleck

I'm sick.
I have a stupid cold and feel like crap.
And it's snowing.
It's not exactly the end of the world, but this morning it kind of felt that way. It didn't help that I couldn't find the pants that I wanted to wear. Why was this? Because my husband's idea of "doing laundry" was throwing every single piece of laundry on top of the freezer and letting me search. Nice.
Hopefully the commute today won't be too bad. But the truth is that as soon as there is any sort of weather condition GO Trains run late. I'm not sure why. But, I'm guessing we will be on the platform for awhile.
Could I be any crankier today?
Today would have been a great day to sleep in and call in sick. After all, I am sick. But, I've taken some sick days already. And, I have a ton of work today. And I have a doctor's appointment today.
The good news is that at least I know where my boots are. I have a beautiful new scarf thanks to my friend Meghan (who knit it for me) And I was successful on my hunt for a maternity winter coat (thanks, Kerry!)
Life would be good if I could stop sneezing and my throat felt better.


AndreAnna said...

Uck, feel better soon!

I'll eat some extra turkey for your health benefit! :)

FENICLE said...

I hope you're able to enjoy a Turkey dinner!!!

LoriD said...

I was sooo hoping for a snow day today. The storm they kept promising was a disappointment, to say the least.

I never understand that about the GO train. Why is it always running late? I get it when the rails are snow-packed, but on a day like this... why?

Feel better!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Well, showing off one's new scarf is always a good reason to brave the snow? Okay not really, I had a poopy cold day too. Forgot my gloves. Boo!

Skittle said...

Aww! Being sick and pregnant is even can't take hardly anything for it!

Haley-O said...

Oh, it sucks having a cold when you're preggers! Feel better!!!

Kristen said...

Aw. Feel better Laural, btw, I adore your name, so pretty and feminine and sophisticated:)

Meghan said...

Your the best! (Yes, a few days late....but that's what happens when you visit the region where dial up is the only option!)