Tuesday, November 20, 2007

He's So Sweet

Sometimes I'm struck by how sweet and kind my son can be.
Take for example tonight. He was overjoyed to receive a birthday party invitation to his friend's party.
Okay, first of all, is it me, or did McDonald's parties kind of go out of style for awhile and are now popular again.
Anyway, we were en route to Walmart and we were asking him what he thought Austin would like for his birthday. Matt's current favourite toys are his 2 transformers toys: Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.
So, I said "maybe we could get Bumblebee for Austin."
What I meant by that was that we could go to the toy section and buy this toy for Austin. Matthew was really sad for a second and then said "Okay. Austin can have Bumblebee and I will still have Optimus Prime."
In other words, he was willing to give away his favourite toy as a birthday gift. That melted my heart. I can't say that I'm always willing to give away my favourite things for my friends. I try to model that. But it amazes me how much love kids have.
He is doing this all the time.
When we had all our Hallowe'en candy sitting out, he was usually more excited about sharing with everyone than eating it himself.
I know this will change. But for now I'm loving it.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Kids have the warmest hearts, they really do!

AndreAnna said...

Considering my kid tries to kill the cat for sitting on her Elmo chair, I should have Charlotte hang out with Matt so some of this sharing stuff will rub off!

Really cute story!

SciFi Dad said...

That's just too sweet for words.

(btw: we went to Lone Star on Sunday after the Santa parade and when we got there, the munchkin asked, "Is Maffew gonna be dere?" And when we told her no, she was bummed.)