Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Question...

Yes THAT question.
"How did my baby get in your tummy?"
I'm not sure why the question never occurred to Matthew before, but today, when we were waiting for Mike to get home, Matt wanted to know all about how the baby got into my tummy.
I asked how he thought the baby got in there.
Apparently he thought I ate the baby.
In his mind I ate some sort of seed, and then when I eat and drink (especially milk) the baby grows and grows.
I guess he got it sort of right.
So, then he said "well, if you didn't eat the baby how'd it get in there?"
My answer "Daddy."
"How did Daddy get it in you - did he throw her?"
Ummmm ... no.
And at that point I said that this is something Daddy could explain because he put her there.
And then Mike got home.
And they got talking about Cars and daycare and Becky picking Matthew up at daycare. The question was averted - for tonight.
My sister picked Matt up from daycare today, and so she and the kids came in for a bit (with some super yummy soup for dinner) My niece, Paige, is talking a LOT these days. Like in the last 2 weeks she hasn't stopped talking.
She must have asked about 16 times in 5 minutes, if "that baby girl in your tummy is coming out soon."
But, she cracks me up. "Aunt Laural, you having that Baby Girl in your tummy yet?"
No, not yet.
Thirty seconds later "Aunt Laural, you having that Baby Girl in your tummy yet?"
I tried to explain that it's not for a long time. First Christmas, then Valentines Day and then right before her daddy's birthday the baby comes (my section is scheduled the day before my brother in law's birthday).
She looked at me, said okay, and then said "Aunt Laural, you got any cheese?"
She makes me laugh!


Skittle said...

Oh, I remember that question. "Mommy, how did the baby get in Aunt Jessie's tummy?"

How do you think it got there?


Sex? Who told you that?

"(random kid on the playground)"

Oh, and do you know what sex is?

"When you kiss your husband in bed."


"Can I go play now?"

Yes please!

She was 7 at the time.

LoriD said...

The truth would probably just scare him or gross him out, so the seed analogy seems appropriate!

Urban Daddy said...

Very funny.

I remember telling the Happy Boy that he could not eat a cookie because he was not old enough... He then paused and said, "I'm older now!" I said, yes you are, but not old enough. Then he paused and for the next minute, would say, "I'm older NOW", "how about now?", "Now?"

Cracks me up.

Ali said...

luckily for me, my kids have only asked how the babies get out, not how they get in...and i direct them to my sister-in-law, who promptly shows them her c-section scar...hahaha!