Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Mucosy Fog is Lifting

It turns out I did, indeed, have a sinus infection - combined with an ear infection and and strep throat.
First of all - what's with strep throat? I have had it before, but I have no idea how to tell if I have it. I mean, I have been taking halls, but it was bearable and I only mentioned it as an aside. But, last year I had the worst sore throat imaginable, and the doctor just told me to drink cold drinks and take halls.
Anyway, I went to my appointment, and mentioned about 3 times that I needed an antibiotic that I could take when pregnant - and penicillin free. So, she gave me a prescription and I asked if she was sure I could use it while pregnant.
Her response? "It should be."
Okay - I really I've been a little over-anxious this pregnancy, but all along I've been pretty confident that if my doctor tells me something I trust it.
"It should be" is not a phrase I trusted.
So, I went to my favourite pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist that I trust.
He looked at the prescription and told me that he did not feel comfortable prescribing that to me. He asked if I wanted to come look at what the risks were. (they have a huge book of prescriptions and the side effects. It's fascinating).
The side effect - "toxicity to the fetus".
I kind of freaked out. He explained to me that penicillin, which I'm allergic to, is what they would normally give. Okay. I get that. But, I'm not willing to take something possibly toxic to the fetus.
I was at the store for an hour.
There were faxes back and forth.
I called my OB.
He called both the doctor and Motherisk. (actually, that was to make me feel better, I think). In the end he came up with a prescription that is safe to take. The doctor signed off. My OB said okay.
All's well that ends well. But, the moral of the story is if you have doubts ASK.
As for the sinuses, ear and throat? Well, between the medication and the various sprays and other stuff I have to take I'm feeling very medicated and a little bit better.
Going to bed at 6:30 also helped.


Steph said...

You're right- it is soooo important to ask and double check anything drug related. Hope you feel better soon!

AndreAnna said...

Good grief! Some doctors are so dumb!

Glad you got it all sorted out and hope you feel better soon!

SciFi Dad said...

Drug interactions and side effects are a frightening subject under normal circumstances. To have to deal with them when hormones are coursing through your veins is an immense challenge.

I'm glad you got resolution, and something that will keep the little one from becoming Toxic... nobody wants their little girl to be like Britney Spears...

LoriD said...

I'm shocked that the doctor had such a cavalier attitude toward something so important.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

sam said...

This pissed me off more then I thought possible.

Is that "doctor" willing to take on a malpractice suit if something was to happen to your child because of such a non-nonchalant attitude towards prescribing medications!? I just can't believe it!!

Good for you for checking with the pharmacist. At least you're diligent!

I swear. I wanna smack that doctor.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

That is so brutal!

You are so right though, when in doubt ask!

My sister is deathly allergic to pennicilin. When she was in University, she was given a script from her dr and got it filled (from a pharmacist) and brought it home. Luckily, my Mom looked at it because it was a form of penicillin that both the dr and pharmacist had overlooked! Very scary. We are in charge of our own health.