Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guest Post #3 - In which her hubby attempts to write something...

It's incredible that after knowing someone for 10 years, when you sit down to write something about them for the blogging world, the most incredible case of writers block seems to happen.

I remember the day I said to Laural "Hey, I started a blog, it's pretty cool.. You should try it out sometime". Little did I know that not only would she start blogging like crazy, but even attract a following. My blog sits there collecting dust and spiderwebs, while she on the other hand has gone on to have her own little group of blogging friends, be invited to blogging events, and even meet her favorite writers! I have to admit, sometimes she amazes me.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking "Gee, Laural should blog about this!", only to look over and see that she's already thinking long and hard about what she's going to write. Sure enough, shortly after we're within reach of a computer, she's off. It irks me at times, but that's part of being married to Laural. A beautiful, strong, independent, goal oriented, mother.

Sometimes she amazes me with the goals she sets and achieves. Losing weight, done. Running a 5k, done. Being a fantastic mother, done. Taking Matty all by herself on vacation, well.. almost done. Her strength of character and shear determination to finish what she starts is something I can always use a good dose of.

Of course it's not all paradise either. I believe she also has other, smaller goals, the purpose is to keep me on my toes. Goals like, surprising me with cats, asking me where her keys are, and my favorite.. Never closing zip-lock bags!

All and all though, I'm lucky to have such a wonderful partner at my side. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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