Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guest Post # 2 - A Mom’s Eye View

I have two daughters, both of whom I am very proud to call “daughter”. They have grown into two women whom I admire for very different reasons. I think of them as my best girlfriends. I laugh with them, cry with them, and generally just have a wonderful time being with them.

Since this is Laural’s blog, I should probably be more specific about what it is I enjoy about having her as a daughter!

Laural is the whimsical one in the family who tells hilarious stories about every day events – they can be work related or home related. Many times I laugh so hard that tears run down my cheeks as she relays something that happened in her life. I usually shake my head and say audibly, “only Laural”. She was always the one her dad and I could rely on to tell us what was going on at school – usually with some embellishment.

She is the spontaneous one in the family who comes up with an idea and wants to run with it now. Like the time she decided that on the way to Vermont we should take a side trip – fly to New York. We don’t always go along with these outrageous ideas, but when you are around Laural you never feel like you are “in the box”; she pretty much operates “out of the box” whenever she can.

Yet there is a serious side to this crazy daughter of ours. We are both professional women in the business world. She works in the communications department of a large company, while I run my own soft skills training company. There have been times when I have called her for sage advice and gotten it. She helps design marketing materials for always edits and/or proofreads articles that I write for publication.

It has been a fun time watching both of our daughters grow into mature young adults who have each married wonderful men, had great kids and continue to be awesome human beings. But then as a mom, I may be just a tad biased.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Again, what an awesome post to gain perspective on Laural from her Mom! Thanks for sharing those awesome thoughts with us!
You have painted her the way I picture her to be through reading her blog :)

LoriD said...

You're a good mom to write this for Laural. I enjoyed your mom's eye view!