Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is rainy and yucky and none of us feel like doing much outside of the house.
So, I have decided to bake today.
When I say I've decided to bake - I mean BAKE.
I don't mean my usual habit of buying a muffin mix and adding an egg. Nope. I went out and bought ingredients, and I started whipping stuff up.
So far I've made banana bread (and Matty was an incredible banana masher). I've peach/blueberry crisp, and I've made chocolate chip cookies. It turns out that Matthew loves baking with me.
Between the mixing, the sampling and the rolling of cookies we have been in major production this morning.
Meanwhile, Mike has been finishing up our bedroom. He's done sanding and now he's painting the part of the room that I couldn't do because the dry wall goo had to set and dry.
It looks like by the end of the weekend we will have full stomachs and a re-done bedroom.
And, in the middle of all of it I plan to take a nice long nap and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with a lazy Saturday.
Matthew has decided that he wants to chill and watch television today. Normally I try to get him out and active. But, today ...
I think it's the perfect day to eat popcorn and watch some favourite tv. Sometimes he snuggles up with me to watch a favourite show. Sometimes Rosie cuddles up with him to watch tv, and sometimes he's been pulling his toys out and just enjoying life.
Maybe this isn't the best parenting tactic. But, honestly, I think it's what we all need this weekend. There are always other weekends to get out and do stuff.
I had actually debated going to the CNE today, but I realized that the last thing in the world ANY of us feel like doing. So why try???
Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I'll be spending the afternoon at a wedding shower, a very cool shower for a childhood friend that I rarely get to see - and I can't wait. And, though I probably shouldn't admit this, I'm also excited because she's the world's most amazing chef at a pretty well known restaurant, and her catering company is catering it ... yummy!
So here's to quiet summer days and a little relaxation.
And, if anyone wants some baking ... you know who to call!


AndreAnna said...

Yay for baking. I swear, I made 50 zillion loaves of zucchini bread once the garden started producing. I eventually tweaked my own recipe and it is SO yummy! If you're in the mood, I'll send it to ya.

In the meantime, enjoy the rainy day. Sometimes a forced break is what we need.

SciFi Dad said...

MTM and I just read this together and both of us say, "Wow, good for you, Laural!"

Urban Daddy said...

Save some chocolate chip cookies and we can trade for some of the yummy bran muffins that were made in our house today while it rained!


MandyPoo said...

lol - When I get in the mood to bake I tend to go overboard as well and wind up throwing half of it away since my husband & I can't eat it all!

Kristen said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect day, think I will go curl up with my kids and some books. Not up to baking today, but sounds yummy.

janet said...

I have a feeling if we got together we could do some serious damage in the baking department. Those things sound so yummy!