Wednesday, July 25, 2007

While I'm Away

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow.
Now, I know I don't have a million readers. But, there are some of you who very kindly check in here a lot. And, I wanted to do something special while I'm away.
Enter the Guest Bloggers.
I speak a lot about the people in my "real life" - my family and my friends. And, they don't all blog. Here's their lucky chance.
Over the next few days you get to read what they have to say. I don't know what it will be. My guideline was that it can be about anything - it can be about what I'm really like (sometimes adorable, sometimes a tyrant) or it can be about life in general.
I haven't read them yet. My husband is posting them for me. I can't wait.
And, wisely, when I recruited my mom and sister to post for me I recruited them before we all spend a week in a timeshare together. Because what they say after that may be vastly different. They will, afterall, experience the pre-coffee Laural which is a little terrifying to say the least.

So, check back often, enjoy the antics of my guest posters and please ... COMMENT!!! And let them feel the love.


sam said...

Have a GREAT vaca LD!!! I expect pictures when you're back!

LoriD said...

How thoughtful of you to ensure I remain entertained while you take some time off! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

guest blogging sounds like a fun idea.

Hope you have fun on your trip. enjoy the ice cream

Haley-O said...

Have a great vacay!!! I look forward to hearing from your fam! :)