Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just a few days away

My vacation to Vermont is approaching quickly. I'm almost packed. I'm beginning to get people to cover for various things for me at work, and I'm seriously ready for a break.
And then it hit me last night.
I'm nervous!
Sometimes I sign up for crazy things. Like, oh, taking Matt on 2 train rides, getting a rental car and negotiating my way through Montreal to Vermont ON MY OWN.
Have I mentioned driving in new cities makes me nervous. Driving an unfamiliar car in a city I rarely drive in ... yikes. (did I mention I failed 5 driving tests? In suburbia!!!)
What am I thinking.
The nice people around me keep assuring me that I'll be fine. Afterall, I've been reminding myself, I used to be a tour guide.
The thing about being a tour guide ... I usually had a competent bus driver who would point me in the right direction.
Yes, I've driven in Montreal, but Mike was at least sitting there with a map. It's the same with the train stations.
I'm a little nervous about trying to find my way to the correct track when we have to board the train. I know this is completely ridiculous - afterall, I'll be boarding the Via train at Union Station which is exactly where I get off the GO train everyday. But, Union Station is huge.
I'm wisely meeting a friend (and colleague) for coffee a little early. It will be fun, and she's very good with directions. I'm sure I'll make it to the train just fine.
But after that ... well we shall see.
I'm also a little nervous about entertaining Matthew on the 5 hour train ride. I've got activities and a portable DVD player (with 2 hours battery time), but beyond that, I don't know. I'm hoping he will be amused by the scenery and the fact that he is on a train.
Of course, I'm also a little worried about the trip itself. I have many many plans for the trip including taking a cable car up a mountain (when we were about 11 and 13 my parents had us climb that mountain!!!), going to Ben & Jerry's, visiting some farms, shopping, swimming and relaxing. But, I'm hoping my somewhat precocious 3-year old wants to do this too.
And then there's the eating aspect.
I'm used to Mike eating out with us. It will be weird just the 2 of us. I mean, Mike is generally the voice of reason when Matt decides he just wants ice cream for dinner and I kind of want to go with it. Although, since we will be in Vermont, in my opinion it's perfectly logical to eat ice cream for every meal. I mean, really, think globally eat locally!!!!
Actually, I'm pretty excited too.
And, the other thing I'm thinking of is creating a vacation scrapbook when I get back. I haven't scrap booked since Matt's first birthday, and I think it would be super fun!
Just really really nervous. And, I have a feeling when we get back, Mike and Matthew are going to have some great daddy-son bonding days while I SLEEP!!!!


SciFi Dad said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. Have a great time, and enjoy yourself!

AndreAnna said...

You'll have fun!!!

chantel simmons said...

Ice cream every day? It's totally legit - you're on vacation and in Vermont, how can you not?! Have a fabulous time!

Teena said...

Sounds like a fun trip you have planned. Take me with you ... pleeeeez!!! I'll behave!

alimartell said...

you sound exactly like i do before a trip! ;)

janet said...

that vacation sounds awesome. I lived in Burlington for a year and we would go up to Montreal a lot. Some very good memories from up there. Can't wait to see pics!

IamDerby said...

I can relate to this. I am going to Chicago next week and I am so nervous to fly by myself! I almost think I would do better if I had my kids with me.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

How come when we return home from a vacation we feel ready for the real vacation to start and that starts with sleep?
You are very brave to do this one on your own, but I know you can do it and you will have a blast. I cannot wait to hear of your adventures....and icecream for every meal...yummy! Can I come?