Sunday, July 15, 2007

It Isn't easy Being Three ...

On Friday i got called home from work because matthew was sick.
Poor thing.
My husband picked him up, and when he got him he was suffering from some sort of flu. Rough, but survivable. Things got much worse as his day went on.
Before he even made it home he fell down some stairs and scratched his leg.
Then we got him home.
While I was trying to think of something yummy yet healthy (and not illness inducing for him to eat) he asked me if he could try towing my flashlight with his helicopter.
I was feeling very accomodating. I probably should have looked before saying yes because he put the (gigantic) flashlight on the counter, hooked the helicopter up to it, and decided to see if the flashlight could fly.
It can't.
It bonked him in the head and almost knocked him out.
Once he recovered from the head trauma we had some yummy lunch. He wanted a raisin bagel, and proceeded to eat just the raisins.
And then on to the afternoon fun (who says a sick child needs a nap?)
We decided to play with Rosie Rose Petal the beloved kitten. And, what's fun for kittens to do. Play in umbrellas of course!!!

Don't worry - the kitten was enjoying the umbrella ride. She kept hopping in. Fun times!!!!
Of course, I decided some outdoor play was in order.
Of course, yet another injury ensued. This time a major scrape on his leg. Don't ask me how. I was watching the entire time. I really don't know!
After all of the excitement of the day Matthew finally, FINALLY decided that he would sleep. Of course, all of the play tired Miss Rosie out as well, so they had a lovely nap on the couch.
And, as for me ... exhausted!


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

It's amazing how many bruises and scrapes they get without us realizing it! Poor little thing!
Too cute on the couch with the cat!

Haley-O said...

Awwwww! He loves his kitty! I CANNOT believe he got THAT many injuries in one day!!!

At least he can't SEE the leg scratch. He won't even know it happened.

LoriD said...

Adorable pictures! Isn't it amazing how kids can still play and have fun when they're under the weather? He's a cutie!

Leece said...

maybe the cat tried climbing up matty's leg to get out of umbrella? hence - the scratch? who knows - but those pics are making me want to take a nap right now!

Teena said...

Sounds like he had a rough day. I hope he's okay.

Teena said...

I love the pic of the kitty snoozing too :)

bubandpie said...

Oh, oh, oh! The cuteness is too much to bear.

janet said...

omg cutest thing ever!!!!!!!! my husband would melt over this