Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm So Ready for a Vacation

I can tell I'm ready for a vacation.
I've had it with work. Generally I like my job. I like the team I am on, and I like what I do. But, really lately I'm just not feeling it.
Take for instance today. We did the Big Bike Ride. I love it. It's fun. You ride this huge bike around Toronto screaming shouting and dancing to music. What's not to love. But, I just didn't care this year. I groaned about it. I whined about it.
I was in a bad mood.
Of course once I got my team outfit on, and I had an excuse to wear lulus at work, it got much better. And, by the time I was on the bike I was a crazy woman, screaming "woo hoo" at all the people staring at us (pictures will follow). But leading up to it. Blah.
We had a team meeting and it turns out that I'm not the only one feeling this way. We're all a little ready for vacation. We've all had the fleeting thought of calling in sick and enjoying the day. My solace is knowing that at least I'm not alone.
So I'm biding my time. I realized I'd hit the point of disinterest when instead of working I actually insisted on doing a mini-makeover on a colleague who never wears make-up. (it was fun and she looked good.)
Luckily I leave for vacation next Friday. I can't wait!!! I've planned out my route to Vermont, I'm packing this weekend. I can almost smell the mountain air. I am dreaming of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Cold Hollow Cider Mill and the Stowe Recreation Path.
Less than 2 weeks. The anticipation is building.

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Teena said...

I'm on vacation as of next Friday too! I can't wait! Whoohoo!! We are staying in Toronto.