Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday Evening Fun

Last night we went to the Annual Midnight Madness event that takes in the town I grew up in. (Our city's neighbour).
It's a fun event. They close down all the downtown streets, the stores are open, there's a sidewalk sale, there's tons of food booths and activities. It's a big party, there are a million people. It's a fun, though crazy event.
The highlight of the evening for us? There was a firetruck there. And, they were offering rides in the aerial extension part of the truck - you know the thing the fire fighters ride in to get to the top of buildings. Mike saw this from a mile away and said Matty would love it. True. So we went over. And waited for about 45 minutes.
We told Matthew about 20 times that it was a long wait, but he was quite determined to stay in line. So we did. It was the first time that I've seen him be so patient about something. He had a blast waiting. He was chatting with another little boy ("Maybe we'll go so high up we'll be in space?" and "Maybe we'll be taller than dinosaurs" were my favourite discussions).
And then we made it to the front of the line. By the time I got there I was wondering how much we would have to pay. But it was FREE! Awesome.
Because Matthew is little (and because he was technically too little but I somehow got around that) one of his parents had to go up with him. I'm not quite sure how it was decided that parent should be me considering that I am not great with heights. But, on we went.
It was a blast.
We went up 35 feet or about 3 stories. We saw everything. It was an amazing experience. Matthew was in awe. Not only was he hanging out with one of his heroes, a firefighter, he was IN A FIRETRUCK.
And then I looked down. And looking back up at me was our the photographer for the community newspaper. So, when we got off the truck he asked for our names. My fingers are crossed that that picture will be in the paper. I just think that would be amazing to show Matthew what he looked like from way up high.

The other bizarre moment was when I was in Starbucks.
I was waiting in the super long bathroom line. Like many Starbucks, this one has one men's washroom and one women's washroom. The bathroom line was primarily women, and it was somehow decided by the hilarious and feisty teenage girls in line that we were going to have some equality. So, as we made our way through the line both men and women were directed into either washroom. We ignored the signs on the door and just went one at a time.
The moment of hilarity occurred when a man who was clearly used to getting his way walked around the line of about 25 women to use the men's room.
He got to the front of the line and got sent right back to the end of the line after being given a somewhat stern and hilarious lecture about gender equality courtesy of a 17 year old girl. Love it! And, then Matthew started shrieking "Mommy" while Mike and my dad were in line. I kept glancing back and smiling at him and trying to signal him to be quiet.
This same traffic directing, gender equality pushing teenager convinced the six teenage girls ahead of me in line to let me in front because "her child is freaking out and she looks tired".
And suddenly I love teenagers!!!
No, really. I do.


AndreAnna said...

Oh, I hope you get in the paper. That would be such a great memory to keep!

Glad you had a good Friday!

Anonymous said...

Teenagers are

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Teenagers, unite! There is hope in the world that some good ones out there exist, FINALLY....

Teena said...

Why is it that firetrucks (and firemen!) are so cool?!