Monday, May 21, 2007

Run Run Run!

I set a goal for myself, kind of a New Year's resolution. I decided that by my birthday I wanted to run 5km.
In all honesty, I didn't know if I could do it. But, you never know unless you try. And try I did.
Since January I have been working towards this goal. Some weeks have been better than others. Some days I've felt like a runner, some days I've felt fat, ugly, and unable to walk around the block let around jog.
But I promised myself I would do it.
And today I did.
I ran 5k!
A friend of mine is a marathon runner. He knew of my goal. In fact, all along he's been encouraging me to keep going, to get out there, to try it, to not give up.
And, so last week when I saw him he asked if I was ready to go for a run yet.
Imagine my surprise when the word "yes" popped out of my mouth.
Last week was not a good week. I was sad about the death of my grandma, and I was absorbed in the details that go along with death. As I told a friend, I can eat my way through anything - and eat I did.
All the hard work I had done to lose weight went by the wayside as I ate and ate and ate. And I did not go to the gym once.
So, I wasn't quite sure this was the week to attempt this.
But, I decided that I would.
And today we did it.
It wasn't the world's fastest run. I ran 5k in just under 38 minutes.
But ...
Last year at this time I could not have imagined even running around the block, let alone going for a run. And, dare I say it, enjoying the run.
In fact, the last 500 metres I sprinted.
So, happy birthday to me!!! 5k was the gift I gave myself. And, I'm really proud to say I did it.
Next year I turn 30. Do I see a 10k on the horizon???


Michael said...

I'm so proud! It is awesome watching you achieve your goals! Way to go! I knew you would do it.

sam said...

Congratulations!!! That's amazing!

I tried for awhile to get back into running, but I gave up. I keep thinking I want to start trying again and chicken out. So I can imagine just how are it was, and how easy it is to give up!

kate said...

Congratulations on keeping your New Year's resolution five months!! You make me a very proud mom in so many ways!

Ginny said...

Way to go Laural. That is awesome, you should be proud. I've let running fall off my list of things to do but perhaps you have inspired me to get it back on the list!!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You go girl!!!

Ruthie said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Leece said...

So very proud of you! You're an inspiration to me because you set a goal and you stick to it. 50+ pounds gone - a 5K run - a new position at work - you da bomb girl!