Thursday, May 24, 2007

Car, Anyone?

Mike and I have been debating the idea of buying a new, or new to us, car.
Our current car is the same age as our marriage. Seriously. We bought our car the week we got home from our honeymoon. It's a Pontiac Sunfire. We've paid it off. And, it's had many good days. But, the poor car is not doing that well.
This is completely our fault. We didn't keep up with oil changes, we've ignored the little rattles that have built up, and, oh yeah, we've hit it may times.
I think I actually scratched the wheel cover the first week that we got the car. I once drove it into a pole. Mike's rear ended a couple of people.
And, now we have a car that is requiring a fair amount of repair. We both agreed that when monthly repair bills equal monthly payments we'll consider a new car.
And this is what we are looking at.
Don't laugh.
It's the Dodge Magnum.
Yes, seriously.
Mike is very fond of this car. I'm not so sure. I'm really not ready to buy a mini van. I'm not even 30 ... so no!
But, a station wagon????
I know it's the new wave of station wagons. I think it's a little hearse like. And, to be honest, I'm not so sure about my driving skills.
As much as I joke about them, I am really quite comfortable with my Sunfire. I know the angles. I can back into parking spots with ease, and I have no problem parallel parking it. In fact, I quite enjoy the parallel park. I'm used to the angles. I know the mirrors. I like it.
And, I'm not sure that graduating to a larger car is the way to go. I mean, yes, it will assist me in my garage saling. I will be able to store a heck of a lot of stuff in there. But, I will also have to manoeuvre that thing at garage sales. It sort of scares me.
I would love to move to a smaller car. My friend has a mini and I really like it. But, it's not practical for us. I would really love a Smart car, but again, not practical. I suggested to Mike that since we only have on parking spot, that we get 2 minis so we would each have our own car. But, no. We don't have that much spare cash, and we really wouldn't all fit.
So, we're back to looking at the Station Wagon.
It's not that I don't like it. There are some great features. Matt loves the rear wiper. I can reminisce about my youth with a station wagon (called the "humble hornet") and the good old days where we'd drive to Florida and my parents would let us sleep in the trunk.
But, I don't think that will be an option for Matt.
We'll see ...


Amy said...

Seriously, check out the Nissan Versa. Tonnes of room for Matty's car seat, nice angles and easy to park, great on gas, affordable, and sporty. And there's a tonne of room for garage saling too. I was honestly shocked at how much room was in it when I took it out last summer & was going to get when I saw my MINI and fell in love.
Talk to Pat, he may have some other suggestions, but that's the other car I would have bought if I didn't find my MINI.

Anonymous said...

The magnum is a beautiful car, but pricey. And it does look like a hearse. Have you seen the Mazda Wagons? They aren't as big as the magnum - kind of sportier, but still roomy for a family.
Oh! I am having a garage sale tomorrow...but I am in PEI. If you were here, I'd give you the friends discount!!

Haley-O said...

I loved my sunfire when I had one. It's time for you to move on, though! And, it's exciting getting a new car. Go for it!!! :)