Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Run Run Run

Sometime in January I set a goal for myself. In the spring I want to run a 5k.
I know that to some people this isn't a huge goal. But, to a non-runner 5k seems like a gigantic feat. The idea of all of this came from me joining a gym and a friend suggesting that we try a specific race. Not one to turn down a dare or a challenge I decided I would try it.
The thing is, I have started to enjoy it.
I've been following the whole idea of taking it at a slow pace and taking needed breaks. Know what's shocking? When you follow this it is actually do-able.
A friend of mine who is a runner told me to start by walking a minute and then running a minute. Afterall, she explained, who can't run for a minute at a time? At the time I honestly thought me!
But I'm sick of all the negative self talk. When I look at myself now as compared to a year ago I like myself a lot better. And a year ago there's no way I would have attempted it. Seriously.
And now ... I'm loving it.
So tonight I decided to see if I could actually go all 5 kilometres.
Here's the goal I set for myself. I wasn't going to watch the calorie read out and I wasn't going to care about the time. I would take walking breaks as needed and I would try to do all 3.1 miles.
By 1 mile I was stressed. Suddenly this goal seemed unattainable. I was tired and cranky and didn't feel like it.
But I persevered. Forty-five minutes later I finished running 5kilometres.
I'm pretty proud of myself!!!!
I know that it's harder to run outside. I know that 45 minutes isn't a great time. In fact, it's not even a good time.
But the point is, I feel like I can do it. And I like it. When things are crappy at work I actually start to think that I can run off the stress in the evening. Seriously. Does anyone else notice that this is new thinking to me? It's weird. And wonderful!
And, amazingly, although I was tired tonight I wasn't out of breath. I wasn't about to run another 5 k. My face was bright red. But I was breathing semi-normally. This above all is pretty amazing.
This running thing is pretty cool!!!


Amanda said...

Good for you, Laurel! That is very positive thinking :) So, you are running on a treadmill right now? Please tell me you aren't running outside in this crazy cold weather we are having!
Running is hard. I used to like to run once in a while, but my body, things I cannot control, just won't let me anymore :(

Lisa said...

good on ya girl. proud of you. keep it up and you'll be running 10Ks in no time!

kate said...

Congratulations Laural!!!
The first five km are the toughest. Yea for you.

Anonymous said...

You are much more chipper. Happy endorphins galores! I love those things. You even bounce when you walk like "twink" said.

I'm so excited for June! Most importantly I am excited for Valentine's day Candy Grams.