Saturday, February 10, 2007

Private School?

Today, after gymnastics and a visit with my parents, we went to a private school open house.
This isn't just any private school. This is the school that I attended for 8 years. I was a little hesitant to go to the open house. I don't know why. I was kind of nervous.
But, we decided to go, just to check it out.
This year is the school's 25th anniversary. I went there the first year it opened (I was 4 and in jk). It's in the same location, but so much of it has changed. When I walked in it sort of looked the same and it sort of looked different. It had been upgraded, of course. But I think it just looked really small - since I'm significantly taller (at 5'2.5) than I was when I went there.
Anyway, from the moment we walked into the jk room it was amazing. Matthew loved the classroom, we were getting all our questions answered. The jk teacher was sitting chatting to some other prospective parents and we walked over. And she got up and shouted my name. Why? It was my favourite teacher of all time - Mrs. Black. She was my grade 2 teacher.
I have to admit, I love this woman. I loved her in grade 2. I loved her as I got older. She was a surprise guest at my wedding shower. I just didn't know she taugh junior kindergarten at this school.
She hasn't changed a bit. She's still cool and funny and pretty and wears great shoes. She still makes me laugh, and she could probably still make me sit in my sit and listen when she speaks. Love her.
So, a huge huge part of me is now debating putting Matt into this school just for this reason.
And, I also really like the discipline aspect. I like their core values. I like the class sizes. I like the foundation for education. I like it. I also like that in jk/sk at a private school you still get a tax credit like with daycare. So added bonus there.
I don't like that it's slightly more expensive. Nor do I like that there would be two months off in the summer since it's school not daycare. I have time to think about that though.
As I walked through the rest of the school I kept finding people I knew. I felt a little bad for Mike and Matt because I was like the walking social committee. Air kisses and hugs abounded. There was lots of laughing. There was a lot of storytelling. I relived my last 15 years for everyone. I introduced our family. It was cool and wonderful.
I was sad to leave.
I'm not sure if I want my child going to private school forever. There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons. (Cost being one). But, I have to say that I am seriously considering the option. At least for a couple of years.
And, as a complete side note - after reading Jeff's blog, and after deciding that if I watched Cars one more time I might crack, we went out and rented Curious George. Matthew is LOVING this movie. Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I just decided to browse around and found your site again. I can't beleive you ran into Mrs. Black!! I so remember sitting in her classes (with you!)And I must say I think we are so old to even be considering putting our own children in that school! Who knew? Anyhow, best of luck in the decsion to put Matt in jk/sk, I know I would be putting Isaiah in it if I were there, I mean, those halls were lucky enough to be blessed by our presence, they should be begging our offspring to attend! (and I am still proud to have flushed Marjorie's tights down the toilet, she deserved it!)

Natalie said...

Laural, do you know if they are having a 25th anniversary celebration or anything?

Haley-O said...

I'm planning on sending the monkey to the same private school I went to as a child, too. There's something special about sending them to your school, you know!? And, it's all familiar, etc., you know what you're getting.

I have to rent Curious George now!! :)

Amanda said...

Curious George is a GREAT movie, but after watching it 100 million times, I am a bit sick of it :)

The private school thing...I have very mixed views...I worked at the one that my father attended and my grandfather was Headmaster of for a year. An interesting experience :)
It's whatever works for you and Matty, of course!

Laural Dawn said...

Natalie - yes. there's a 25th anniversary gala - becky has your invitation.
And, yep. About going back. It's really expensive when you add it up - so one of us would have to get a raise. But, I loved the environment and have good memories, so ...
I still don't know - like every other big decision in my life I'll wait till the last second and then go one way or the other.
Oh - and curious george - it doesn't compete with Cars in Matt's eyes, but we had a Cars free weekend so all's well that ends well.

Laural Dawn said...

PS Bonnie - HILARIOUS! I'm still laughing about that. Do you remember "the rock" by the creek??? I wonder if it's still there.

Ruthie said...

If it's a good private school, it can be such a great environment for your son!

Sometimes private schools have the resources and funding to go beyond the scope of the abilities of public schools-- I had a great experience during my 6 years of private school.