Sunday, February 04, 2007

And then they get it

Instead of going to the gym today I had a nap. I probably could have slept right through the night. I think the combination of winter, stress at work, lack of sleeping properly at night and who knows what else has just tired me out.
So when Matt told me he was napping on the couch, and Mike said he would stay awake I made a beeline for the bed.
Two hours later I felt someone waking me up. I was a little surprised. I usually wake up either from Matt crying, Mike snoring (sorry, sweetie), my alarm blaring or my bizarre internal clock that just wakes me up before my alarm.
So the soft gentle shaking took me aback.
Maybe a dream still?
Nope. It was my super adorable toddler who decided it was time for Mommy to wake up. But instead of screaming or crying, or my favourite, having the lights turned on, he started rubbing my arm. And as I slowly started to wake up he whispered "mommy I came to share raisins with you." My eyes were still shut when he started to stuff his favourite food in my mouth. Adorable.
As it was, in fact, not terrible effective at waking me up, he decided to move on to other methods.
He first sang me a song (quietly) and then climbed into bed. And then he said the cutest thing ever "mommy, I will tell you a story to wake you up."
And, he sat on the bed reciting the words to Moo, Baa, LaLaLa. About halfway through the rendition I was awake, but he decided to read me one more story and pulled out his Busy Town book and went through all the pictures with me.
And then we just sat in bed and cuddled. He told me all about Diego saving the pygmy marmasats. He talked about Gravedigger and the Monster. It was pretty cool. It was one of the moments I'll remember because it was so loving and so sweet. He's learning.
And, after the awesome wake-up he had happy mommy back and all was well with the world.
I still can't convince him to watch football though.


Ruthie said...

Mine loves Moo Baa La La La too!

Amanda said...

Too sweet! Isn't that the best way to wake up? I've only had it happen a couple of times though...Jess just SCREAMS and SCREAMS and cries some more....don't think there is much I can do about it! Just her way of waking up, right?!
Moo Baa La La La is the cutest and Jess waggs her finger when it says, "No, no you say". Hehe!