Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why I love gymnastics

Today was our second session of gymnastics. It was, of course, amazing!
I'm loving the coaches. I feel like we got the best one. Lucky us.
Here's why I love the coach, Brianna. Of course I love her because Matt thinks she is cool. And he does whatever she says. He hangs on her every word. It's pretty cool. And, she's patient.
I also love her because today she told me that she had assumed that I had done gymnastics when I was younger. Ha! I'm not kidding.
Alright, so it's not because I showed off my cartwheeling skills. It's actually because I got really excited when she told the parents they could hop into the sponge pit with all of the kids. While some parents held back a little fearful I hopped right in. Gleefully, in fact. (This was to encourage Matthew, of course).
I had never been in a sponge pit. It looked fun. It was not. I got stuck. Seriously. It is like wading through quick sand. All the little kids who were throwing themselves in the pit and crawling around ... I'm at least 100 pounds heavier than them. It was not fun for me.
As I was desperately trying to get out of the middle of the sponge pit (without being hit by a flying toddler) I looked up to the coach for help. She was trying very hard not to laugh.
And that's when she said it.
"I thought you had taken gymnastics. I assumed you knew what the pit is like."
Ummm ... no.
I couldn't help myself. I started to whine. I finally said "I feel like I am in a nightmare or something."
She responded "yeah. That dream when you're running in mud and get move."
Basically, yes.
Don't worry. I made it out. The group waited for me. Matthew didn't. But the junior coach caught him while I climbed out.
But seriously, I'm loving that someone thought I was a gymnast. That's almost as funny as when someone told me that I look like Twiggy. (apparently it was the hairband I had on, but really, Twiggy???)
Anyway ...
Matthew did really well in class today. He flipped over the bar a couple times. He did the balance beam without holding my hand. He totally rocked out in the wiggle time at the end. It was fantastic and fun.
I love that in the class he just randomly comes and gives me a hug, or announces that he loves me or says, "it's just Mommy and Matty today." I love that.
We got home around 10:30 and by 11 we were both ready for naps. Loved it.
Today is also Mike's birthday. We bought him a digital camera which he loves (a new one because this one is 7.1 megapixels and his old one was 1 megapixel.). He gets another super wonderful gift tomorrow. And then I will blog about his birthday. Because the big day is tomorrow when we go to the Monster Truck Jam (yes, I know ... hick!) and then have a birthday party with my parents and sister. We also had cake tonight. Matt and I made the cake. It was fun. But more on that tomorrow.
Monster Truck Jam here we come!

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun at gymnastics...hard to decide who is having more fun, by the sounds of it!
That is great!
I love the gymnastics too, very much. We only have 2 more classes, I'm bummed, but we are off to Salsa Tots next I think!
I, too get a lot of joy out of hearing positive comments about Jess in our class!