Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Got Tagged - So Nine Weird Things about Myself

So, thanks to Jeff from Daddy Diary Tales, I got tagged. So, Here we go ...


1) Whenever we get boxes of chocolate, or I am around friends or family with boxes of chocolate, I always bite into a chocolate, decide if I like it, and if I don't I put it back into its original spot pre-bitten. My sister does this too. It's because our grandfather always had Russell Stover chocolates that came with no map. It was just our thing. He would always finish up the chocolates. I really only like the straight chocolate or chocoalte caramel.

2) When I like a song I will buy the cd, but listen to the one favourite song on repeat about 5 million times. I've been known to workout for 45 minutes to the same song.

3) My name is not nicknameable - and that is why when I had a child I came up with a name (Matthew) that had many variations.

4) I always have bizarre dreams. Like, last night I dreamt that we moved to Georgia and went to visit a kangaroo farm where the kangaroos were the size of dinosaurs. Weird! I once asked a psychology teacher if this meant I was mentally unstable. She said that in fact it meant I have a vivid imagination.

5) I have had a crush on my hairdresser for 15 years. Yes, he knows. Yes, he is okay with this. We don't have regular conversations about it though.

6) I am obsessed with my bathroom being clean. I clean it at least 3 times a week. Mike and I have serious arguments over the level of bathroom cleanliness. (We each have our own bathroom, it makes for a good marriage).

7) I lie about my baking skills. People think that I am the best brownie baker in the world. In all honesty, all I ever do is buy a package of brownie mix, add the egg and water, and voila. Sorry- did I just burst everyone's bubble?

8) If it were an ideal world, I would go to bed at 8 pm and be up at 6 am every day. I'm a morning person, not a night person.

9) I've saved the best for last: My "celebrity" crushes over the years have included: Kurt Browning, The Rock, Colm Wilkinson (the guy who played the Phantom of the Opera), Jason Priestly, Tom Selleck (shut up people) and most recently Mr. Jay from America's Next Top Model.

Okay - so that, my friends, is my full craziness of the day.

Okay, people I tag ... I'll come back to that. Gotta do some work.


Lisa is Cool said...

I am SO with you on #2. "I don't feel like dancing" by Scissor Sisters - can't stop!!

Ginny said...

I disagree with #3. Any child can come up with a nickname and my kid pegged you as whoa-whoa so there!!! Doesn't matter that she can't pronounce the L, whoa-whoa sticks and whenever James and I talk about you we always say whoa-whoa!

The rest? Well yeah, you're kooky!! But I knew that and I like it!!

Ruthie said...

This is priceless...

I, too, am in love with the Rock. The fact that he married his high school sweetheart just makes him that much more perfect, even though (alas) he's unavailable.

I do the same thing with CDs. Or I burn all my favorite songs to one CD and listen to it over and over again until I can hear it in my sleep.