Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A New Stroller

Look How Happy Matty is! He is not fearing impending stroller collapse!

So we did it. We bought a new stroller.
I'm very excited.
It is not a MacLaren. Mike didn't want to spend the money, and I kind of get why so we went for a compromise and bought a less expensive knock off with many of the same features.
I can justify this because I know that if and when I decide to have another baby there will be a shiny new Maclaren stroller waiting for me. And I will want a new stroller for a new child, and I will be justified in buying it.
Or my niece will outgrow hers and I will get it.
Or, maybe I will promise my friend Amy to name my future child after her and she will buy the Burberry MacLaren. Or maybe the will add Louis Vuitton to their collection and Ginny will break down and want to buy it.
Until then we have our "Hauck". Bonus points if you know what store this came from. Nope. It's not Ikea though it sounds like Ikea.
Pictures below.
Tomorrow is our trial run to daycare.

My boys!


Ginny said...

You know I would only consider buying it if it was of the 'Flouis' collection!!!! Louis is just far too rich for my blood! LOL
I'm sure this stroller will suit your purpose just fine. And as you heard tonight James is thinking of maybe buying one and getting rid of our crappy umbrella and Graco!! Actually our Graco is still OK, it's the umbrella one that is crap!

ninepounddictator said...

Oh, I love that stroller. I love the colour. In fact, that is my favorite colour. Well, all greens are my favourite colour.

And, also, crying does work! It always works! (well, not always...but most of the time...)

This will be a funny story in your future..."The day I cried to your day care teacher..."

Heather said...

Love the stroller, the colour kicks ass. My inlaws bought us a MacLaren, and until I read your post I had not idea that it was expensive (I don't know about all that stuff, I'm such a slave to fashion....kay that was a joke, I wear jeans and t shirts). All I know is that if it is a costly stroller, it's just not worth it. It's a stroller, and yours looks way cooler and probably functions just as well, if not better. Is it fair to say i have issues with the MacLaren?

Searaygal said...

Ok so I'm totally getting to use that on 'Amy-Matty' Day in August right? :)

I love it!!! And the colour is awesome!!! Actually, looking at is again, it matches my 'Martha-Green' kitchen.....so now I doubly approve....stylish and Martha-ish!!!

I'm will to chip in on the Burberry MacLaren one for the next munchkin, but only if I get to use it regularly :).

Laural Dawn said...

Our first trip out in the stroller was fantastic! No stuck wheels or anything. Loved it.
By the way ... the MacLaren isn't THAT expensive relatively speaking.
The least expensive one I have found is $165 and then it goes up to about $230 and up from there based on the models.
I think for a good stroller it's a fantastic price - considering the "travel systems" are really about $400. And are huge!

Her Bad Mother said...

I was so going to ask IS THAT A MACLAREN? And then say COOL COLOUR.

It looks great (like that matters, but still).

Her Bad Mother said...

(Um, so where'd you get it?)

Laural Dawn said...

Walmart :) It was $60.

icoobaby1 said...

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