Monday, April 09, 2012

Peace ... in pictures

Life is busy.
Everyone's is. I know. Add in an unexpected change in plans recently, two birthdays (my kids are now 4 and 8), Easter, one birthday party complete and one to go ... and some things have been missed. Like posting.
One thing I'm trying to take the time for is enjoying my kids.

I rush them places on weekends. But, I sometimes forget to just relax and enjoy their presence. What I'm learning from them is that sometimes the best moments just happen. You can plan all the amazing stuff in the world, but give them sunshine and a trip to the playground, and you see true joy. Of course nothing makes me happier than when they decide to go for a walk/bike ride to starbucks! 
Chloe, of course, finds inner peace doing tree pose at Starbucks. Yes. I know. Mini-me. (we're currently looking for a yoga class for 4 year olds. If  you know of any  ...)

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