Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today we registered Chloe for junior kindergarten.
Really. My baby will turn four next week, and that means that in September she starts school.
I will be honest here. I find kids easier as they get older. I love that they have actual conversations, can at least comprehend the idea of listening to reason.
Recently I've enjoyed seeing the huge differences between my two kids - partially the girl/boy thing and partially just the two totally different people.
But still.
Holy. Crap.
This seems so typical to say, but it seems like last week that I was lying awake at night worrying about going back to work, and leaving my baby with our nanny that I hadn't met yet. Now here we are signing Chloe up for school.
I'm not worried about her going. She's been accompanying Matthew to school for years, and she tends to run past the kindergarten playground yelling "Hi!" to the teachers. They all know her. She runs to the big kids playground where she meets her little group of friends.
Chloe's ready for this. I'm ready for this.
But still.
Holy. Crap.
Chloe's registered for school.

(her cousins helpfully are teaching her how to play nicely.)

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lettuce said...

Wow. I remember you leaving work for Mat leave with Chloe. Time is flying. Anyday now, I'll be registering my guy for JK and wonder where the time went.

Someone said this to me recently regarding children: "the days are long but the years are short".