Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I spent all of last year losing weight.
This year no resolutions. But, I'm a little bored of the routine - run one day, strength the next. It's January, and as much as I love my treadmill ... GAH!!!!
I'm also stressed and exhausted. The triple of changes at work, exhaustion, having a 3 year old and well, life in general is kind of getting to me.
So I decided to do the craziest thing I could think of. HOT YOGA.
Hey. It may not be bungee jumping. But I hate extreme heat. And I hate stillness. So, hot yoga? odd choice.
Of everything I pictured myself doing, hot yoga was not one of them. I run out my stress. I turn my music up. I sing along when no one is watching. Any kind of yoga, especially hot yoga, is new to me. And I can't get enough.
I have no idea how many calories it burns.
I don't really care.
I really just like when we're supposed to let go of everything.
I'm terrible at it. And I like trying to focus on my breath. I'm a little obsessed with the idea of letting a thought go as soon as it pops into my hear. I want to do that all the time.
Maybe I never will.
I also like wearing yoga tops minus a bra. Just supportive tops (thanks lululemon).
I kind of don't hate how I look in the mirror. Mind you I'm usually too focused on everything to really look in the mirror.
I feel good.

And here's what I know.
I'm being more true to myself. I'm making decisions for me - even if it disappoints people sometimes.
I'm bringing lunch - not buying.
I'm getting some control.
I'm watching Harry Potter with my kids.
And I may skip going to Disney this year.
I'm singing as loud as I can to the music in my car. And yes. It's Alanis. And, yes. I do agree with her definition of ironic.
I'm watching Buffy over and over. I may not find a new favourite series.
And I'm also letting go of some stuff I really really need to let go of.

There are some things I want to do. And all of them require believing in myself.

REFRESH. (and namaste)


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