Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hide and Seek

Chloe is a couple months away from turning 4. I have no idea when that happened. I have no idea when she suddenly became a child completely strong in her convictions and very capable of speaking her mind. But at 3.75 years here we are.
And one thing Chloe is very certain of? HIDE AND SEEK.
I know. It's an awesome game. I loved it when I was little. Matt insisted on playing it when he was little, and now Miss Chloe has taken this game over.
The thing is ...
I love it to.
I used to find it tedious at best until I discovered that Chloe's version of an awesome game of Hide and Seek is me hiding, and then jumping out at her and scaring her. (Did I mention she's in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer?). It's become our daily ritual. We play for 20 minutes. Full out shrieking ensues. I am often the cause.
I forget.
That parenting is about playing.
That being present doesn't just mean being in the room.
That I actually like to play.
And that I'm awesome at finding hiding spaces in our tiny town house.

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that my daughter copies me a lot. Some of the things she does are super cute. It's adorable when she puts my make up on to look like me (we wash it off) or when she tries on my clothes and walks in my shoes. It's hilarious when she uses the same phrases as me and when she proclaims that it's "girl time".
But, I'm also watching her do some of the things I'm not proud of - losing her temper over stuff. Slamming doors. Foot stomping. Shouting "I'm so frustrated right now"
So, I need to be the example.  I'll never be perfect. But, I will be calm.

And, I will start having fun again.

Hide and Seek anyone?

PS Don't tell Chloe, but I pretty much always hide behind a curtain!

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