Friday, February 12, 2010

Live Better Than You Dare

I've been talking a lot about going to New York.
I've been talking a lot about Julie Powell.
And, I was tossing back and forth the idea of travelling to New York to go to an event she's speaking at. I know. A little crazy. But, also pretty cool.
And I've been reading the Happiness Project which is pretty full of some affirmations and quotes. I'll admit that I'm not exactly a daily affirmation person - but I do love a good quote. And one of her quotes is "Live as Well as You Dare." I thought that was pretty great - until my good friend said it should be changed to live BETTER than you dare.
And it's true. It's one of those quotes I play over and over in my head. I mean, do I dare? Do I do things I'm afraid of? Do I push things just a little more than I'm confortable with? Well, yes and no. Yes, for sure a lot. (just ask the people I work with)
So, with this whole New York thing - I'm going for it.
I was thinking about what inspired me in Cleaving. Like, I pretty much fell in love with the whole book - what Julie Powell said about herself (life lessons there). But it was also about butchery. I'll never forget the conversation I had with someone when I was halfway through the book. This person is a friend, but doesn't know me *that* well, and I was knee deep in the book, and had decided that perhaps I should move to New York and learn to be a butcher. It wasn't a serious thought. It was more of a completely engrossed in a book kind of thought.
He thought about it and suggested that perhaps I take some cooking classes, or even just try buying meat from a butcher (other than the grocery store).
And I was mulling this idea around when I decided that OMG! I could probably find the butcher shop from the book. (it's called Fleisher's) And go there! And, then I thought that I can't exactly buy meat there but they have soup and stuff. So, if nothing else - I can fly to New York, take a 2 hour bus ride to the store, eat a bowl of soup - and EXPERIENCE.
And, perhaps buy a shirt!
Live better than you dare.
Maybe to some people that's insane. To me - that's living!
Also, before I go, my friend helpfully sent me a title of a book to read (about meat) and some butchers in Toronto that have a similar philosophy. Awesome.
I'm SO excited.
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MOOO ROOO said...

307 wall street
kingston ny 12401

i'll give you a tour myself - soup is on me - or maybe we'll cook you a steak

SciFi Dad said...

I've known Laural since her days as a mom to only one child (who, incidentally came to our daughter's birthday party the day after Laural's daughter was born). She is most definitely NOT crazy, at least not to me (sanity IS relative, however).

Susie M said...

That sounds great Laural! I love a woman of action. I remember standing at the bus stop at 7am as 16 year olds freezing our butts off on the way to Toronto to be in the audience of BREAKFAST TELEVISION OMG. I remember thinking, wow, this girl really knows what she wants, and is willing to be tired and cold to get it lol.

Anyway, I hope that in New York you will be neither cold nor tired and that you really enjoy your soup.

PS I looked at the website for the butcher and it looks AWESOME! We're always trying to find a good butcher and the meat there is GRASS FED ORGANIC OMG!

PPS since you'll be out that way anyway, try and get to Hoboken and see Buddy at Carlos's Bakery. Now THAT is something that I would like to do;)

Have a great time! said...

Some people may call it crazy. But since I specialize in teaching people about various temperaments, I call it just being a "resourceful orange"! And that is you all the way. This trip to New York just happens to be on the top of your bucket list at the moment and I've seen you follow your dreams before. Probably the most momentous one was the trip to Africa you took to help build a school. Life changing for you, if I recall. And I've known you all of your life. It's just you being you, and that's what we all love about you! Have fun and enjoy the whole thing. BTW I loved the movie too!!!

PhatDaddy said...

You would have to do something much more drastic and nutty for anyone to say this trip is crazy. Soup? Steak? I'm jealous!

After 13 years, I've learned to stop thinking in terms of "crazy" or "insane" when you make your dreams a reality!

1StepCloser said...

In the spirit of today's opening ceremonies, there is a downhill skiier from Ghana. He told his children he wanted to go to the Olympics, and even though he hadn't seen snow until he was in his 20s, he did what he had to do to make it and here he is.

You were the first person I thought of when I heard that story, its a Laural thing to do. Grab something with passion and then follow through on making it real.

I don't think its crazy, in fact, its maybe just a little bit inspirational!

Kerry J. said...

Laural - what I love about you, and what likely brings us together is that you (unlike most people today) still know how to dream. And then you take it that one step farther and you work to make your dream come true. To me it's insane that people don't know how or have lost their ability to dream. Crazy you're not!

Anonymous said...

So can't wait to read about it. You're an inspiration!


Rebecca Eckler

Stef said...

The butchers (and authors) of NYC are going to love you. Whoop whoop Laural!

Donna Papacosta said...

Go for it, Laural. I have always admired your gumption (to use an old-school world), from the first time you cold-called my office and asked to do a work placement. Remember way back when? Ever since, you've impressed me with your brains, your intuition and your passion. JUST DO IT!

Gail said...

Laural - I think you are amazing and your zeal for learning and doing and zest for life are what makes you special. You have a lot more nerve/verve than most people I know and you could "out-pester any pest, drive a hornet from its nest - she can throw a whirling dirvish out of whirl"!!!!

You found something that challenges you and are passiontate about in a totally non stalker way and just go for it with all your energy. At the end of your life in another 70 years or so you won't be able to fit all your amazing adventures into a newspaper; you will need a book. You make the rest of us seem like slugs in comparison.

You are curious and joyful and emotional and special and I think you are passing on some great qualities to your children teaching them that nothing should stand in their ways if they want something badly enough

Another movie quote (if you know it will buy you coffee all week"
Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are live live!!!

Big hugs and enjoy NY - to the butchers : you are going to have a blast with laural she will really make an impact on you and now she better bring me boeuf!!! And not skirt steak (well ok that's an alright cut)

Love and good luck


Haley-O said...

THIS is the Laural we all know and love! This is the most YOU you've ever been in your writing and I love it! You're putting yourself out there not only in your new DARINGNESS to LIVE but also in your writing. Dare to be whomever you want to be. Dare to be quirky and ADMIT THAT YOU WANT TO GO TO AN NYC BUTCHERSHOP for kicks. I love it. Even though I'm a vegan....

In Toronto there are so many wonderful organic butcher shops. They're the real thing, and they care about the animals they "butcher." I go there to The Organic Butcher on Yonge to buy poultry for my family (which I don't eat, of course). NEVER the supermarket. If I'm going to buy meat, I'm going to go as close to the source as I can.

Keep us posted on your adventures!


KellyK said...

If it is in your means to do so they why not! Follow your passion with no regrets, as I would always expect you to do!
I am excited to hear all about it.

cecille said...

Go for it laural. people who think you're crazy, they just only go go go go.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Sorry it's taken me a few days to post....

Like everyone has said here, this is "Laural"!

I envy you.

AmyH said...

I wish I had your drive to make your dreams come true like you do. You always brighten me up and I love to hear your wonderful stories and hear about your adventures.

Keep it up Laural, you're an inspiration!