Monday, December 14, 2009

And so we bake ...

Every year my friend and I have talked about the famous Pioneer Woman Cinnamon buns. This year we decided to put our money where our mouths are and whip some up.

Four and a hours, copious amounts of coffee, lots of butter & cinnamon and of course a couple of Christmas movies later - we accomplished our task!

We were all wearing comfy clothes and not feeling terribly photogenic. But, whatever.

One little lesson we learned - doubling the butter isn't exactly the best idea, but it sure is yummy. (do not ask how much butter we used) Okay, and honestly, this is my idea of an artsy food shot. This may be why I am not the pioneer woman!

So at this point we were a little bit worried. They don't look so so perfect... but, wait! I may not be the best ever cook, but my friend Kerry J is (and she's crafty too)... And she told us to be patient. (my sister by this point had moved on to sewing) . AND LOOK!

Sorry for the caps. But really, yum!
we don't have nearly enough so I may make another batch.

Want the recipe? Here ya go.


Kerry J. said...

You bum!!! But seriously - oh so good! And I think I'm making another batch too - to give away as gifts. Well most of them anyway!

SciFi Dad said...

I was going to say you looked exhausted in that pic.

The buns look really tasty, however.