Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There Be Monsters

Matt is scared of dracula. And Medusa. And all the monsters in our house.
We've never really dealt with fears like this.
Matt is a brave kid. He has never been afraid of stuff. When we go to Disney World he loves "Snow White's Scary Ride" - laughed when the witch pops out (my nieces refused to even line up). That's just how he is.
But recently he's been scared of everything.
Maybe it's Halloween. I don't know.
But I feel bad for him.
I'm also exhasuted.
Last night he freaked out whenever Mike or I went downstairs. So, I ended up staying upstairs with him. And he slept with his light on.
And then at 3:45 he woke up screaming. Terrified. He'd seen Dracula.
So while Mike calmed down the woken up Chloe, I sat with Matt, rubbed his back and helped him fall back to sleep.
This has been going on for a week. He is terrified.
I remember those fears. I was always like that. I used to run into my sister's room and snuggle up in her bed. Honestly, when our husbands are away we still occassionally have sleepovers. I hate going in the basement or upstairs if I'm home alone.
And, I'm totally jumpy when I am outside in the dark.
I don't know how it started. But, I know I don't want Matt to have the stupid fears I do.
I'm hoping part of this is because of Halloween. Otherwise I think we'll have to figure something out.Cuz. Sleep. I need it. And so does he!


SciFi Dad said...

If I had to guess, I'd agree that it's probably Halloween induced. My daughter was all excited to see our neighbour's witch (you know the one Shopper's has out that is motion sensitive and cackles... that one). They came over last night to tell her, and when she went across the street she wouldn't go near it because she was too scared.

citygirl said...

It could be that it's getting darker out earlier too. For some reason, that makes me a bit weirded out even though it happens every year!

I still get jumpy when I'm home alone after work if I need to go up or downstairs, thinking someone is going to jump out at me (and we have an alarm system which has sealed the house all day!)

Anonymous said...

Isaiah has been doing the exact same thing, up in the night almost every night crying that he is scared or has had a scary dream. It started before all the Halloween stuff though, but the monsters and such lately don't help. We have no ideas how to help, but I totally get how you are feeling!! It takes a long time to settle him back down...you are not alone!! :)